Fifty Shades Darker "Is Like a Thriller" – But What About Jack Hyde?

February 4, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Holy f*ck. She’s here, gazing during me with an unnerving expression, holding a gun.

This is an mention from page 309 of Fifty Shades Darker, a book that competence not nonetheless be regarded as a complicated literary classic, though positively works as slickly engaging amorous novella for a smartphone generation, full of risque quotes ideal for a discerning LOL on Twitter.

A lot has been pronounced about a sex aspect of a Fifty Shades franchise, though one thing that’s not been addressed many is that a tangible tract of a books, over a sex and generally in Darker and Freed, has a thrillerish vibe.

On sex scenes... quot;Iapos;m not like: Letapos;s do this!quot;
On sex scenes… “I’m not like: Let’s do this!”

If that didn’t unequivocally interpret in final year’s Fifty Shades of Grey, we competence still be in for a pleasing warn – not a kind involving liaisons on a billiard list – when supplement Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters in 2017.

Here’s Dakota Johnson talking to Access Hollywood about a change in tinge for a sequel, as good as a ungainly inlet of filming sex scenes:

“The story is arrange of like a thriller now, and it gets kind of scary… it’s awesome. [The sex scenes] engage a lot of specific movement, choreography, that is unequivocally engaging to me… It doesn’t ever get easy. It’s not like I’m like, ‘Let’s do this!'”

Kind of creates clarity when we cruise that James Foley is directing, his new work (House of Cards, Hannibal) carrying been mostly in a area of thriller. Two of a arch story arcs using by Fifty Shades Darker and into Freed are a sceptical interferences of Christian’s former Mrs. Robinson-esque lover, Elena Lincoln, and his childhood crony incited contentious arch rivalry Jack Hyde.

Jealousy is a absolute motivator in fiction, and if Foley can constraint some of a passion of a aforementioned projects into Darker, he competence be means to build a good understanding some-more tragedy than was achieved in a initial movie.

Speaking of Jack Hyde, there’s still no central word on who has been expel in maybe a many essential new purpose in a authorization going forward, that got me meditative about a few actors who could maybe do Hyde justice… and one name now came to mind.

That’s right: who improved to daub into a desirable sociopathy of Jack Hyde than Cillian Murphy? The Inception, Dark Knight and Peaky Blinders star customarily excels during personification villains who competence not be sensitive though still keep a tellurian edge.

Hyde does have a rather good thought-out backstory (he was barbarous when Christian, not him, was selected for adoption by a Greys) that is indispensable to clear his outlandish actions in a books (hiring and afterwards attack on Ana in a misled try during vengeance). Having Murphy on house would be a vital manoeuvre for a franchise.

Whoever is expel – and it shouldn’t be long, with sharpened commencing this month – needs to move some genuine threat if Darker is going to have that thriller-ish corner that Johnson speaks of. Give us your best, Foley.

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