Fifty Shades Darker Set Gossip – And A Brief Encounter With Christian Grey

February 21, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

When we travel past a calendar that’s hung in your kitchen, a date Feb 10th, 2017 is circled in blood-red coop pen. Why? Because that’s when your subsequent favourite film and mine, Fifty Shades Darker, will be unleashed.

Just when we suspicion we couldn’t presumably be any some-more stoked for this potentially life-changing event, we perceived a call to contend that Christian Grey himself had been following Moviepilot’s coverage of Fifty Shades with penetrating seductiveness (when not balls-deep in Anastasia Steele, of course).

What happened subsequent was amazing: Mr. Grey done a personal phone call to my secretary seeking if he could coop an essay patrician “How we Did It: The True Confessions of a Sexual Predator” exclusively for this website. It goes though observant that we was anxious by a idea.

He afterwards set about seducing my secretary, and when we left my bureau we found her panties on a building alongside a raise of ash. How does he do it?

Unfortunately when we woke adult a subsequent morning and checked my emails, a betrothed essay was nowhere to be found, and my usually email was from a Nigerian king in need of an airline ticket, so instead we returned to my common slight of googling “Fifty Shades Darker news”.

Happily, there was plenty: firstly, Eric Johnson has been expel as Jack Hyde, Christian’s opposition and therefore mine. For those who’ve lost Jack’s backstory (repent), he and Christian grew adult in a same encourage home, though when a rich Grey family chose to adopt Christian – he no doubt deployed his mythological attract – Jack grown an passion toward his aged friend. The hate carried by into adulthood.

You might have seen Johnson (no propinquity of Dakota) before in The Knick, although, let’s be honest, substantially not. Also joining Kim Basinger, Max Martini, Rita Ora and Bella Heathcote in a Grey sequel is Robinne Lee, who plays an executive during Christian’s company, along with Fay Masterson in an different role. The film began sharpened this week in Vancouver.

When we returned to work, my secretary was back. She told me that Christian had indulged her in some “kinky f*ckery” and awakened her “inner Goddess”, though that after an honest contention both parties had motionless his destiny lay with Anastasia. we was vacant by a man’s ability to strech a woman’s “forbidden zone” around a middle of phone call, and once again left wondering: How does he do it? Maybe one day he’ll write that essay and share his secret.

Fifty Shades Darker releases in 11 months and 22 days. Not that I’m counting.

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