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July 29, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

I’m not here to tell Universal what to do with a absurdly essential Fifty Shades of Grey property. It’s already finished some-more income than we could ever see in 10 lifetimes, and I’m flattering certain a arbiters of such a authorization aren’t meddlesome in listening to some man with delusions of improving what already clearly works. Well that’s fine. Maybe we can’t assistance Fifty Shades make any some-more money, though I’m flattering certain there are some pivotal ways for Fifty Shades Darker to be improved received. Here are a few pointers for a supplement to one of this year’s biggest movies, like it even needs them!

Follow a Grey story line

I never get sleepy of regulating this!
I never get sleepy of regulating this!

While simply redoing an determined story isn’t accurately groundbreaking, retreading a domain of her initial book from Christian Grey’s viewpoint was still about a many resourceful thing EL James has ever done. It creates Christian Grey seem like reduction of a creepy maudlin figure, and some-more of a… what’s it called? Person!

Even improved would be to wobble Christian’s and Ana’s perspectives together in a subsequent movie. It would simply make a story seem some-more like an organic relationship, and would give Jamie Dornan a possibility to indeed consolidate a well-rounded chairman rather than someone there simply to be reacted to. Talking of organic relationships…

Longer sex scenes

Real life sex is not scored by Beyonce. I’m sorry; there only isn’t that clarity of glorious and refinement that cinema like Fifty Shades of Grey seem to paint it with, and that’s a good thing. People move themselves, with all their ungainly idiosyncrasies to passionate encounters, and that’s what creates it a really personal experience. While a BDSM scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey were lovingly, if sparingly shot, there was really small communication going on between a characters. It was all about character and display over genuine tellurian interaction.


Best stage if Fifty Shades of Grey!
Best stage if Fifty Shades of Grey!

This competence sound silly, though we indeed consider Fifty Shades Darker needs to have approach some-more scenes that are like that with a glider in Fifty Shades of Grey. The stage was clearly Sam Taylor Johnson panicking and perplexing to fill a film with some substance, though it indeed incited out to be one of my favorite moments in a movie. Why? Because it was an instance of people indeed enjoying their time together. Yes, we know a whole judgment of Fifty Shades entails a anticipation where each communication in a attribute is staid and meaningful. My indicate is that a dour, elegant moments meant zero if we don’t have a whimsical fun ones to punctuate them.

Make Jack Hyde nice

Sadly it won't be this guy.
Sadly it won’t be this guy.

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