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May 3, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

It’s a 30-second teaser, leaked to a Internet from a arriving Blu-Ray recover of a strange film, though that hasn’t stopped a Internet bursting in conjecture about a second Fifty Shades film. Fifty Shades Darker, that isn’t even expelled until 2017 and is now though a director, will broach a second partial of EL James’ indeterminate trilogy of sex-themed novels to a large screen. Fifty Shades Director Sam Taylor-Johnson won’t be returning, especially interjection to her high-profile spats with James, whose father is penning a screenplay.

Signed adult to lapse are a dual principals, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, who were pronounced to have grown an ironically glacial attribute during a filming of a initial movie. The pain of their reunion will be eased by outrageous compensate increases on a medium $250,000 they reportedly any perceived for film #1.

The teaser trailer contains changed small information, though that’s not going to stop us – and a rest of a universe – from reading copiousness into it. And don’t worry. It’s definitely protected for work…

1. Fifty Shades is back, and will be even some-more hyped than ever

The fact that a leaked teaser featuring a male putting on a coupler and a facade is creation tellurian news is a satisfactory indicator that seductiveness in a authorization has in no approach waned. Aside from some plinky-plonky piano and an over-enthusaistic use of a fade-to-black transition, there’s not a lot some-more to contend about it; though before that sounds too hypocritical, it’s a fascinating indicate in itself. The universe stays definitely preoccupied by a Fifty Shades phenomenon, which, though a feminist executive on house and now resolutely in a control of EL James herself, might destroy to enclose a change of a initial film that caused me to carefully urge it.

2. It’s going to get darker, and that’s not ok

Referring to a source element now – if Fifty Shades of Grey usually about upheld a probity exam on a basement of a final settlement on widespread gazillioinare Christian Grey, a evidence falls detached once we get to a sequel. Having left, Ana realises she usually can’t live though a capricious misogynist, and sets about perplexing to redeem him. ‘Are we prepared for something darker?’ a tagline asks, and those of us who worry about a messages transmitted in enlightenment about healthy relations and sexuality are substantially right to endangered as a result.

3. Christian Grey IS Batman

Did we see that mask? Surely it can usually meant one thing – that, as announced by DC Comics usually this week, a new impression is going to take a layer of a caped crusader from Bruce Wayne. Alright, maybe not, nonetheless Hollywood IS unequivocally going for it during a impulse with a crossover films. And wouldn’t it usually be extraordinary if they took a films in a totally opposite instruction to a awful books?

Sadly, something tells us that’s not going to happen.

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