Fifty Shades fans reacting badly to Rita Ora as Mia Grey (PHOTO)

December 1, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

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The design was expelled by a film’s central Facebook page, along with a caption, “Happy Birthday, Rita Ora! Rita Ora is Mia Grey, Christian’s sharp-witted and intense small sister. #FiftyShades.”

The producers competence be vehement about casting a British cocktail star, though fans are most reduction tender with a initial central design of a impression in Sam Taylor-Johnson’s film adaptation.

The picture, that shows a “How We Do” strike maker’s impression Mia wearing pear earrings, a appalling floral dress and donning a brief brownish-red bob, has already perceived infamous comments that operation from comparatively amiable to only plain nasty.

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“My God they are ruining this,” one fan of a hotly expected amorous play wrote. “Rita Ora is pleasing though she’s not MIA for me,” wrote another.

Other comments include, “Are we teasing me? Someone forsaken a round large time!! She looks some-more like Mama Mia,” “I’m carrying issues with this,” “And we suspicion Mia was beautiful,” “This is a misfortune casting of any film in history!” and “Rita Ora is a no talent hag!”

“She is too aged to play Mia,” posted another. “Now we don’t wish to see a movie. She DOES not etch Mia AT ALL.”

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If these comments are not adequate for you, there are already scarcely 7,000 really unfortunate fans vouchsafing their opinions be famous about a picture.

Tell us what we think: Did a casting and a stylist get this impression very, really wrong?

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