"Fifty Shades of Black and White": New Book Details Lawsuit Behind Publishing Phenomenon, "Fifty Shades of Grey"

July 23, 2018 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Dallas, TX, Jul 23, 2018 –(PR.com)– Mike Farris, hearing counsel and glorious author and storyteller, teams adult with Texas propagandize clergyman Jennifer Pedroza to tell their conspicuous story. “This story of betrayal, crack of trust, and high-stakes lawsuit will keep we glued to a corner of your chair as it takes we on a roller-coaster tour that one publisher called ‘Fifty Shades of Greed,'” says Mike Farris.

The following is a outline of a new book, “Fifty Shades of Black and White”: The loyal story behind a edition of a general bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey is some-more contemptible and disfigured than any story contained in a begetter of “mommy porn.”

Farris and Pedroza are accessible to pronounce about a book and their practice with this landmark case.


What Others are Saying about Fifty Shades of Black and White:

“If a shameful inlet of Fifty Shades of Grey excites you, wait until we review about a true-life liaison behind a announcement of a dermatitis book trilogy. Told with cinematic flair, Mike Farris and Jennifer Pedroza take a shackles and blindfolds off, to infer in a end…Lady Justice is not blind after all.” – Aaron Jordan Kandell, screenwriters of Moana and Adrift.

“This is one of a many fascinating authorised battles of a time – and there’s no one improved matched to tell Jennifer Pedroza’s story than Mike Farris and Jennifer herself. In this book, they lift a lid on all a insider strategies and skullduggery concerned in a high-stakes lawsuit concerning what might be a many essential book array of all time. we review a whole thing in a singular sitting. Fifty shades of fun!” – William Bernhardt, author of Justice Returns

“This is what happened subsequent for a Australian silent and her Texan friends who published [Fifty Shades of Grey] in a initial place… Interested to know who came out on top? Well, a hearing took place in Texas, so tag yourself down for a furious ride.” – Caroline Overington, The Australian Women’s Weekly

“No whips or bondage were concerned though an eccentric Texas publisher of … Fifty Shades of Grey slapped around a former co-worker in probity for duping her out of royalties.” – Darby Kendall, Eye on Texas

“Take a hearing counsel who is a good storyteller, give him a intolerable loyal story about a erotic illusory story, supplement large edition houses and large film companies, and afterwards spin him lax in a Texas courtroom to get justice. What we finish adult with is a outrageous jury outcome and a book about it that we can’t put down. Mike Farris, seasoned hearing counsel and glorious writer, teams adult with Jennifer Pedroza to tell an implausible though loyal story – Fifty Shades of Black and White.” – Gerald R. Powell, Practice Court Professor, Baylor Law School

Fifty Shades of Black and White facilities some-more constrained twists, turns, and climaxes than a night with Christian Grey.” – Jeff Prince, Fort Worth Weekly

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