Fifty Shades of Feminism in Uruguay: Man Charged after Consensual S&M

March 10, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Feminism in Uruguay
Uruguay has a possess chronicle of Christian Grey. Quite some-more humble, of course, though many reduction fortunate. (Pixabay)

EspañolChristian Grey, a categorical character of a inexplicably successful book and film series Fifty Shades of Grey, would not be so propitious if a story were set in Uruguay.

Grey, in perspective of a array of opposite feminist currents that oversee a informative omnipotence in that we are detained today, would be befuddled by the public here, maybe not even in a metaphorical sense.

Uruguay is a microcosm and so as implausible as it might seem, we also have a possess chronicle of Christian Grey. Quite some-more humble, of course, but much reduction fortunate.

It turns out that a integrate of 20-something sadomasochists finished adult in a sanatorium and after in a hands of authorities after a aroused night in a bedroom. It was not a initial time a integrate harm any other during such activity over a march of their nine-month relationship, though this one was apparently caused by a jealous dispute.

The lady suffered teenager injuries as a result, and the male was left in crutches, but a prosecutor wants to try him and let a lady go. This notwithstanding that neither of them wanted to credit the other in in rapist court.

I can not assistance though consternation if a purported feminists — not those who fought and onslaught to have equal rights and obligations, though those who pronounce of “white entrepreneur hetero-patriarchy” and “death to men” — are celebrating such a preference today.


I also consternation if these types of privileges are partial of a “new world” we live in — one that intends to drown us in a on-going wave.

This form of “justice” (lowercase and between selection marks) is repulsive. It preys on domestic correctness. To prosecute this male (who did not have a grave complaint in a Criminal Court) is zero some-more than a many finish undermining of a genuine problem like domestic violence.

I strongly believe in progress, not in progressivism. In fact, zero is serve from swell than self-proclaimed progressivism.

Injustice is not progress. Privileges are not signs of progress. Fanaticism is not estimable of progress. The aged robe of measuring with a opposite rod according to this or that context is not progress.

Only leisure and vicious research lead to progress.

The prosecutor seems to have neither.

Priscila Guinovart

Priscila Guinovart

Priscila Guinovart is an Uruguayan clergyman and writer. She has created for outlets in Latin America, a U.S., and Europe. While in London, she wrote her book La cabeza de Dios. Follow her: @PrisUY.

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