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February 7, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Kim Kardashian might have been a initial to examination Fifty Shades of Grey (“Girls night examination a private screening of Fifty Shades of Grey!!!!!! OMG it’s sooooo good!!!!!” she humble-bragged on Twitter), though she’s not a usually one respirating over a erotic R-rated film.

Sneak screenings of a E.L. James instrumentation starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson had fans panting and giggling Friday in New York and L.A., a week before a Universal and Focus Features prolongation spanks a approach into theaters.

The erotic tale of virtuous college tyro Anastasia Steele and her tortured billionaire playboy-slash-BDSM fetishist partner Christian Grey started as a Twilight-inspired mommy porn phenomenon. Now a bestselling simple gal’s gateway erotica is gunning so tough for mainstream saturation, it had a Today show organisation articulate The Red Room of Pain over a weeklong selling extravaganza.

In hide peeks Friday on both coasts, doctrinaire fans saw Dornan and Johnson unclothed it all in a name of subjugation for executive Sam Taylor-Johnson. So who cares what celebs cruise of Ana Steele’s eccentric passionate awakening? We polled 10 fans, from a Twilight fanfic author (and her Collie, Leo) to a 15-year-old child and his gullible mother, moments after they saw a film in downtown Los Angeles.  

Danielle, 21

The Cal State Fullerton tyro has review all 3 of a Fifty Shades books, and “it didn’t disappoint, it was awesome. It’s a humorous movie, surprisingly—they know what we like.”

Best Scene: Christian Grey shows adult in a helicopter. Also, a ending. “I was literally like, ‘WHAT?!’”

Mal (aka fan novella author Mostly A Lurker)

Mal goes approach behind with E.L. James to a good aged days, when James was usually another pledge author penning Twilight fanfic underneath a nom de plume Snowqueens Icedragon. “She was a initial crony and author we met and done friends with in a Twilight fandom on Twitter in 2009,” pronounced Mal.

“There’s a outrageous volume of amusement in a strange story. It was engaging to go, ‘Oh yeah there’s that note, and she strike that point, and oh, that’s how they’re display that! I’m unequivocally confident and unequivocally happy with it—I’m already saying it again subsequent week.”

Mal’s dog, Leo

The Collie with a lion cut sat sensitively by all 100 erotic minutes. “He totally laid over and crashed out, that means he was unequivocally gentle and felt safe,” pronounced Mal.

Rebecca (aka RebAdam7)

“They unequivocally prisoner a right suggestion of it,” pronounced a Twilight fanatic, who came to a special screening with associate fans she met online. “You can’t move any final integrate from a book to a film though a many critical tools were there. The approach his hermit was portrayed was opposite from how we had it in my head, though we unequivocally favourite it.”

Roberta Curry, 48

“It was unequivocally what a fans were expecting.” And yet: “I was repelled any time they flashed a small pubic hair. There were a integrate times when we was like, “Oh, THAT’S since it was rated R!’”

Curry gathering 3 hours to come see a initial West Coast screening of Fifty Shades. “I’ve been a initial chairman we line for Comic-Con dual years in a row, so we am a legit fan,” she said. “As a fan, it flattering most strike all a pleasure spots.”

She praised star Dakota Johnson for her “funny, believable” spin respirating life into what some critics of a book cruise an aggravatingly pacifist wisp of a woman. “My father has review a books and we cruise he might be a little… intimidated. we mean, Christian Grey kind of raises a bar.”

Jeancarlo, 14

The sole teenage child in steer came with a organisation of associate teens, chaperoned by his mother.  He common his reviews of both a book and a movie: “I usually review a initial book. It was fine though it got flattering tedious since a sex was repetitive. we wanted a story to be told. In a film there’s a story, nonetheless there’s kind of a lot of sex scenes.”

Jeancarlo’s mom, who did not know what film she was holding a kids to

“It’s not age-appropriate for them, though they’re gonna see that everywhere anyway,” she told me. [Jeancarlo[ told me about a film though we didn’t know what kind of film it was. Then when we was examination it we was like, OH MY GOD. we can’t trust it! we would watch it again.”

Azucena, 15

“It reminded me of another book called After, it’s unequivocally similar. It doesn’t have a same dispute though it has a same emotions. we review a lot.”

How did she initial get into Fifty Shades of Grey?  “I found them by school, generally a teachers. One lady would hide her mom’s duplicate into category and tell us, Oh my gosh Christian Grey this, Christian Grey that.  My relatives didn’t know what it was about though they saw a trailer.

Best scene: “I unequivocally favourite a conveyor scene.”

Name withheld, 34

One 34-year-old womanlike Los Angeleno was astounded by how most she enjoyed herself. Lowered expectations can do that. “This film knows what it is,” she said.

“I came into it meditative a book was so feeble created though weirdly prohibited that it could usually go adult from there. It’s unequivocally tongue in cheek, it has a stay peculiarity to it. “

“Dakota Johnson has a good body, a boundary like an apple, and she done that zero impression come alive,” she said. “Bella Swan is always like, ‘I’m nothing, I’m not value it,’ though Anastasia knows her value. One thing I’m happy they deserted from a book is a ‘inner goddess.’”

The large problem, aka a elephant whip in a room: “It is a uncanny publicity of a horribly violent relationship, that sucks since on one turn it could be a Dan Savage kind of end where these dual people meet, they make rules, they govern them and don’t harm any other. But she had some-more energy in this than she had in a book. As rubbish as a book is, a sex scenes are unequivocally hot. Even if they feel like Cinemax.”

Name withheld, 29

“The SM is lazy,” pronounced another millennial who did not wish to be identified. “The suspicion that it’s built around a impression who is meddlesome in an SM attribute usually since he’s a damaged particular who was abused as a child totally diminishes a suspicion that anybody would be meddlesome in this kind of pleasure as a choice. “

“But a film is not as bad as we suspicion it would be, and it still creates me wish to have sex.”

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