Fifty Shades Of Grey 2 Will Change Genres

April 30, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades Of Grey was usually in cinemas usually a few brief weeks ago, nonetheless not usually has a supplement undergone vital changes given then, we’ve now also got a initial teaser trailer for a follow-up, too. But Fifty Shades Of Grey 2 is going to be drastically conflicting to a prototype according to Universal. Because rather than being an amorous drama, it’s indeed going to be some-more of a thriller. Just with loads of nudity. 

Donna Langley, who is Universal Pictures’ chairman, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter at a yearly Power Lawyers breakfast about a new financial success of Fifty Shades Of Grey, also revelation that a supplement will learn from a mistakes that a strange made. When asked about a growth of a film, Langley teased that it is “more of a thriller.” There’s no gain on that, nonetheless from what we know from a book, Fifty Shades Darker does deliver additional characters and some new play for Christian and Ana to understanding with, that competence cause in to whatever thrills are in store. 

Langley also explained how Niall Leonard, who has been hired to book Fifty Shades Darker — and also happens to be a father of E.L. James, who wrote a novels — got a pursuit notwithstanding his miss on underline film experience.

He indeed did a breeze that wasn’t credited on a initial movie, and he did a unequivocally good job.”

Obviously, his work was so argent on a strange screenplay that Universal is assured he can hoop their desired franchise.

But Fifty Shades Darker stories continue to emerge, even nonetheless prolongation on a film isn’t due to start for several some-more months. In fact, rather surprisingly, we’ve been given a initial demeanour during Fifty Shades Darker in a form of a teaser trailer for a flick. And while it competence not uncover us anything overly revealing, it’s copiousness some-more than anyone of us approaching during this point.

Jamie Dornan looks spiffing in a suit: who knew? Either that shave is Dornan’s Christian Grey scheming to go to one of his really grand nonetheless really exposed sex parties, or he’s motionless to turn a bank pirate and has embraced old-school clothes for his crimes. 

That shave suggests that Jamie Dornan in fact will be returning to a authorization as Christian Grey; something that was uncertain, as both a Northern Irish actor and Dakota Johnson (who starred conflicting Dornan in Fifty Shades Of Grey and was fundamentally a usually good thing in it) are still believed to be negotiating compensate increases for a sequel. They should be underneath contract, nonetheless given a success of a movie, raises competence be in order. Universal contingency be assured that during slightest Dornan will pointer on a dotted line, differently they substantially wouldn’t have featured him in a trailer.

At a impulse we still don’t know who will be replacing executive Sam Taylor Johnson, who has over a series. But with a film due out in Feb 2017, we can design her deputy to be suggested earlier rather than later. 

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