Fifty Shades of Grey blamed as experts exhibit women are some-more expected to dump …

November 25, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Women are some-more expected than group to dump their partners since of bad sex, according to a new survey.

Females are apropos undone during a miss of movement between a sheets.

And researchers contend their earthy final are being fuelled by raunchy books like Fifty Shades of Grey .

A third of women (33%) pronounced they had damaged adult with a partner since they were not confident intimately – compared to usually a fifth of group (20%).

Half of women (50%) pronounced good technique in a partner was “very important” to them though usually 37% of group felt a same way.

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The formula are suggested in a new consult of 1,750 people by Britain’s biggest online sex toy tradesman online Lovehoney.


Between a sheets: Women’s expectations differ to men’s when it comes to sex

Spokesman Richard Longhurst said: “There is no doubt a Fifty Shades books and film have empowered women intimately in a long-term and lead to a elemental change in poise in a bedroom.

“It is good news for women and group since they are both achieving larger passionate complacency in a bedroom as a result.

“And it totally reverses required knowledge that still has group holding a lead in a bedroom. Those days are prolonged gone.”

Couple sex

Shock: A third of women pronounced they had dumped a male for not gratifying them in bed

Lovehoney carried out a consult for a launch of a new Desire operation – a many absolute oppulance sex toys.

Other commentary enclosed a normal generation for an orgasm is 9.7 seconds, with 10.9 seconds for women and 8.7 seconds for men.

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Three-quarters of women (75%) have gifted a mixed orgasm, compared to two-thirds of group (67%).

Two-thirds of group always have an orgasm when they have penetrative sex, compared to reduction than entertain of women (23%).

Just one in 5 women (21%) expect to orgasm a initial time they nap with a new partner compared to 64% of men.

And sex can be fulfilling but an orgasm for 87% of women and 84% of men.

How prolonged does an orgasm last?


0-5 seconds – 10%

6-10 seconds – 46%

11-15 seconds – 24%

16-20 seconds – 10%

More than 20 seconds – 7%

I’ve never had an orgasm – 3%


0-5 seconds – 23%

6-10 seconds – 50%

11-15 seconds – 18%

16-20 seconds – 5%

More than 20 seconds – 3%

I have never had an orgasm – 1%

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