Fifty Shades Of Grey: Chargers Stadium Edition

June 18, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

NBC 7’s Derek Togerson takes a demeanour during a frustrating hunt for a new NFL track in San Diego in this commentary

A lot of people ask me, and anyone else in a internal media, about a Chargers and their track situation. What’s going on? Are they staying or going? we feel bad since we overtly don’t know. Nobody knows, not even a people involved.

It’s like Joe Pesci’s impression from “JFK” pronounced when he was perplexing to explain a assassination tract to Kevin Costner and his team:

“It’s a poser wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma. The shooters don’t even know. Don’t we get it!?!?”

What’s going on between a internal supervision and a Chargers is like a real-life chronicle of that strain “Dueling Banjos” (there are going to be a lot of renouned enlightenment references in this, so greatfully bear with me) solely now we’re wondering if anyone is going to be means to broach us a track or not.

The CSAG comes out with a unequivocally eager track devise … The Chargers contend interjection though no thanks, it’ll never work.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer comes out and says a negotiating assembly went unequivocally good … Chargers Special Counsel Mark Fabiani comes out and says there will be zero on a list in 2015.

We don’t know where a law lies. Things can’t be as flushed as a politicians are observant they are. But, they also can’t be as murky as a Bolts are implying. So a doubt we’re left with is; who’s pity information that is closest to reality? That is an extremely vast gray area. Perhaps even 50 shades-worth of gray and it’s no fluke that this whole conditions has been one large provoke after another.

The late, good comedian George Carlin had a bit about state permit plates. Of a many that held his eye were New Hampshire’s “Live Free Or Die,” and Idaho’s “Famous Potatoes.” The comedy master boiled them down thusly:

“I theory those are a dual extremes in thought. It would seem to me that somewhere in between Live Free Or Die and Famous Potatoes … a law lies.”

Like Carlin, I’d like to consider it’s substantially a small closer to “Famous Potatoes,” that in this box would be a gentler opinion of a internal politicos. To know, or even fake to know, what’s indeed going on behind a sealed doors in these meetings is impossible. They could be diligently operative their approach towards a track understanding that is viable for everybody involved. They could be binge-watching Daredevil on Netflix. Who unequivocally knows?

Sure, we can assume all day. We can review in to statements and physique denunciation and tinge and timing though we will never know a loyal proclivity for many of what is going on. One side is not right and one side is not wrong. Neither side is being totally stirring with information, or even interpretations of information, and leaves us on a outward vital in a gray.

Sometimes that can be exhilarating. Other times it can be nauseating. Somewhere in a center of those extremes, a Chargers track conditions lies.

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