‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Comes To Blu-Ray

May 17, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The tellurian phenomenon ”Fifty Shades of Grey” is now accessible on Blu-Ray. 

The film has grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide and was one of a many buzzed about events of a year. Based on a book of a same name by EL James, a Fifty Shades tells a story of a immature lady name Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) who has an doubtful attribute with one of a world’s many authorised billionaires Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). Anastasia’s roommate Kate has a flu, so she is incompetent to expostulate adult to Seattle to talk one of their college’s many famous alums Christian Grey, who is a CEO of a telecommunications empire. He is delivering a keynote residence during their graduation in a few weeks and Kate was ostensible to talk him for their propagandize newspaper. She sends Anastasia in her place.

When Anastasia arrives to control a interview, a tie is instant. Christian seems perfect, though he has a unequivocally dim secret. He aggressively pursues Anastasia display adult during a hardware store where she works for example. They start dating, though he shortly reveals that he doesn’t unequivocally do relations and his sexual practices rivet bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism (BDSM). Anastasia is repelled when he shows her his “playroom.” She is conflicted since she has feelings for Christian, though is frightened by what he wants her to rivet in. The unrated chronicle of a film facilities some unequivocally erotic adore scenes. Johnson gives a nuanced lively opening as Anastasia and Dornan is a ideal Grey. Rita Ora has a cameo and Beyonce, The Weeknd and Ellie Goulding are on a soundtrack.


Bonus Features on a Blu-Ray include:

Fifty Shades of Grey Unrated and Theatrical Versions
• Exclusive Tease of a Next Movie Fifty Shades Darker
• The World of Fifty Shades of Grey: Discover a dexterity concerned in formulating all Fifty Shades of Grey,
including in-depth profiles of stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, and a characters they play.

• Christian Grey: Inside a universe of Christian Grey and what creates him so captivating and mysterious.

• Christian Grey Profile: Illustrated with film clips: Who is Christian Grey?

• Jamie Dornan Profile: Meet a actor behind a iconic character.

• Christian’s Apartment: Living room, dining room, bedroom, lavatory and a Red
• Christian’s Wardrobe: A demeanour into Christian’s wardrobe.
• A Rich Man’s Toys: Christian’s cars, a plane, a helicopter, all of a tangible items
from a book, now on screen
• Ana: Discovering Ana and what creates her so constrained and relatable.
• Dakota Johnson Profile: Meet a implausible singer behind Anastasia Steele.
• Ana’s World: Beginning with her life as college tyro to her mutation into a woman
living a life of oppulance with Christian Grey.
• Ana’s Wardrobe: A demeanour into Ana’s wardrobe.
• E.L. James and Fifty Shades: A discuss with a creator of Fifty Shades, deliberating a story of a novel and the
experience creation a film. Follow a author during a Premiere screening in New York and come full round as the
film is expelled to a fans.
Fifty Shades: The Pleasure of Pain: A contention with a BDSM consultant and a show-and-tell with property
• 360° Set Tours of Christian and Ana’s apartments including a Red Room
• Music Videos from Skylar Grey, The Weeknd and Ellie Goulding
• Behind a Scenes of The Weekend’s “Earned It” Music Video

Blu-Ray and DVD Bonus Features:

• The World of Fifty Shades of Grey—Friends and Family: Profiles of expel members including Eloise Mumford,
Max Martini, Marcia Gay Harden, Luke Grimes, Jennifer Ehle, Victor Rasuk and Rita Ora
• Behind a Shades: Follow alongside executive Sam Taylor-Johnson, producers E. L. James, Mike De Luca and
Dana Brunetti, actors Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and a rest of a expel by a creation of a movie,
including a vehement contention about a many severe aspects of a story


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