‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’-Crazed Teens Storm Theater By The Hundreds

February 19, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

A Florida mall had to change a policies after hundreds of teenagers stormed a film museum since they wanted to see “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Though estimates of a mob’s distance vary, it might have contained as many as 900 youths attempting to overflow a mall, Orange County deputies told Click Orlando. Around 200 of them managed to get into a theater, deputies said.

The bolt was an apparent try to by-pass a process of not permitting minors underneath 17 to see a R-rated flick but an adult concomitant them, according to a West Orange Times and Observer.

The West Oaks Mall announced on Monday that for now, anyone underneath a age of 17 contingency be accompanied by an adult if they’re on mall skill during all after 9 p.m.

Although there were primarily reports of gunfire, those reports incited out to be incorrect, an Ocooee military orator told WESH. The gunshot-like sound was indeed combined by fireworks in a parking lot, military now say.

“They weren’t outstanding windows. They weren’t crashing in to take anything. They were only saying, ‘Hey, we can get in and see a giveaway movie,” Ocoee military Lt. Mike Bryant told a station.”

Nevertheless, a pell-mell stage caused mixed people to call 911. “I consider they’ve sealed a doors,” one tourist said. “I can’t, we can’t figure the approach out.”

Police also pronounced they arrested one teenager on charges of battery and facing arrest, and another on a drug charge.

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