Fifty Shades of Grey: Dakota Johnson can’t find a date

September 21, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

On a promo debate for her new purpose in Black Mass conflicting Johnny Depp as good as removing prepared to fire a supplement to Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson only can’t seem to shun implicating herself with her on-screen counterpart, Miss Anastasia Steele. And the demeanour of vapid slight dawned on her face once again in a new sit-down on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where, during an worried five-minute exchange, a horde blundered by a array of inexpertly related questions about a actress’ adore life. Given both actors’ inability to apart their personal and Fifty Shades sex lives, it’s misleading possibly Charlie Hunnam should be great tears of unhappiness or fun after bowing out of a lead role. But Dakota Johnson but put on a pro face and faced down Ellen’s adenine fan-girlisms with a coolness of a critical singer with improved things to speak about,like James Foley signing on to approach a Fifty Shades of Darker sequel. Go things it with your Ellen-blue flogger, DeGeneres.

“So nobody wants to see that movie?” Ellen asks about Johnson’s family. “Would that be uncanny if they saw we doing that?” “Well, yeah,” Johnson responds with an dubious undertone. “Stupid question, wasn’t it?” DeGeneres appends hastily. After a brief diversion to a some-more timely subject of her new movie, Black Mass starring Johnny Depp, DeGeneres only couldn’t hoop a miss of mistake amusement and fast doubled gigglingly behind as yet she were removing a vigilance by her ear prompters. “I’m gonna go behind to Fifty Shades of Grey, only because… we would consider that… are we in a relationship?” She fumbles, to Dakota Johnson’s manifest consternation. “Do we notice a disproportion in guys coming we or not coming you?” “You mean, like, when they run divided from me?” Johnson parries. “If those are a dual options, we theory they’re frightened of me… they possibly adore me or they’re using for a hills. So we theory they’re using for a hills.” Oh yeah, and she also talks about Black Mass for about 30 seconds. Are we vehement to see Dakota Johnson personification in some-more different roles?

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