Fifty Shades of Grey Director Says She Was Offered ‘Nothing’ After Making Blockbuster Movie

September 13, 2018 - Fifty Shades of Grey

For many directors, creation a film that would go on to acquire half a billion dollars means present energy in Hollywood. The conflicting happened to Sam Taylor-Johnson.

The filmmaker destined a initial Fifty Shades of Grey movie, that warranted over $571 million worldwide in 2015. After it was all over, Taylor-Johnson approaching a phone to start toll with offers for other vital projects.

“You would be astounded during how …No, we wouldn’t be surprised, sadly. Nothing,” Taylor-Johnson told IndieWire in a new talk when asked about life after Fifty Shades‘ large success. “I literally was scrambling still, in accurately a same position we was before to that. I’d contend to my agent, ‘I adore this book. we unequivocally adore it. What’s a understanding with it?’ ‘They’re going to Steven, Steven, David, David, and John.’ But we know I’m entirely capable.”

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Taylor-Johnson had formerly destined Nowhere Boy in 2008 — where she met and fell in adore with father Aaron Taylor-Johnson when he was 18 and she was 42 — and had knowledge with brief films. Since Fifty Shades, she split ways with a erotic franchise, helmed dual episodes of a Netflix uncover Gypsy and is now behind with her initial big-screen plan given 2015.

Despite Fifty Shades‘ success, she still had to quarrel to get A Million Little Pieces made, an instrumentation of a argumentative book by James Frey, even yet she had proven success and experience.

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“It drives me crazy, not only for myself, since we have all that knowledge and I’m flattering ballsy, we can punch by doors when they’ve slammed in my face,” Taylor-Johnson said. “But we still wish to yowl during a clarity of inequality, let alone for other immature filmmakers perplexing to make their way, or someone who’s done their initial film perplexing to get their second film. It’s rough, and it shouldn’t be that rough.”

A Million Little Pieces is screening during a Toronto International Film Festival.

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