Fifty Shades of Grey effectively criminialized in Singapore, pulled from Google Play …

August 9, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Considering a offensive volume of income Fifty Shades of Grey in a initial run, removing criminialized in a nation like Singapore isn’t going to massively impact on them.

Nevertheless, a film is now criminialized and bootleg in a island city-state when it was rated R21 by a internal censors. This meant that a film was taken to audiences next 21 and criminialized DVD and VOD sales.

This also includes Google Play, that only launched in Singapore final week. The Media Development Authority, that is radically Singapore’s censorship board, swept by a online store and private several titles from stock, Fifty Shades of Grey among them.

Other titles enclosed Fear Loathing In Las Vegas, J-Lo’s new crock The Boy Next Door and Stanley Kubrick’s classical A Clockwork Orange.

Don’t worry, yet – we criminialized A Clockwork Orange as good so it’s small warn Singapore criminialized it as well.

Singapore is famous for a regressive position on a media, with shows such as Sex In The City criminialized from radio – so it’s small consternation Fifty Shades was criminialized as well.


Via Variety

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Story by Brian Lloyd | 14:26 | Thursday 6th Aug 2015 | Movie News

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