‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Fails To Win PG Rating, Is Rated R For An Unusual Reason

January 8, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

To a despondency and beating of fans and ubiquitous moviegoers alike, Fifty Shades Of Grey has unsuccessful to win a desired PG-13 from a MPAA. Despite substantial promises of rather toning down a striking passionate calm from E.L. James’s best-selling novel and pithy promises that a film wouldn’t enclose Jamie Dornan’s penis, a underline film instrumentation of Fifty Shades of Grey has indeed been awarded an R-rating from a MPAA as of yesterday afternoon. The central reasons for a rating are, and we quote, “strong passionate calm including dialogue, some surprising function and striking nudity, and for language.” Yes, one of a descriptions is indeed “unusual behavior.”

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The MPAA has a story of spasmodic ungainly rating descriptions, with maybe a all-time classical being Twister being rated PG-13 for “intense depiction of unequivocally bad weather” behind in 1996. But “ surprising behavior” is such a ubiquitous outline that we competence have to start requesting it to each MPAA rating past and present. Dolphin Tale 2 – rated PG for some amiable thematic elements and surprising behavior. Okay, in all seriousness, we’re all well-aware that “unusual behavior” in this box is a subjugation and sadomasochistic passionate function that has done a literary trilogy a vital enlightenment articulate indicate over a final few years. But really, who is a MPAA to decider what constitutes surprising behavior?

Jokes about a lower-rung ratings aside, we was carefree a prolonged time ago (like when a plan was initial announced) that this competence be a subsequent good exam box for a blurb viability of a NC-17 rating. But even yet a film cost just $40 million and is utterly presumably going to be abandoned by many ubiquitous moviegoers outward of a fan base, a filmmakers have been going out of there approach to assure a unequivocally  audiences who would write the film off or equivocate it due to their particular sensibilities that a film is totally fine for them, that we would disagree is a rather peculiar choice. It’s a small like assuring ubiquitous audiences that Harry Potter and a Sorcerer’s Stone won’t have that most sorcery after all, so feel protected to buy to buy that ticket, ye Muggles!

Nonetheless, with only over a month until a film’s Feb 13th debut, all that’s left is a initial call of reviews and saying how good this unusual design fares during a box office. we honestly don’t caring if a film is any good or not. The fact that we have a vital release, a authorization starter no less, categorically targeting adult lady and emphasizing sex over violence, creates me carefree that this one creates me carefree that it breaks out during slightest adequate for Hollywood to reassess only a small bit in terms of for whom it fashions a blockbusters. And that this female-centric franchise-starter indeed has a womanlike executive (Sam Taylor-Johnson) and womanlike screenwriter (Kelly Marcel) also creates it something of a newness that creates a opening some-more critical than small “movie wants to make income and parent a sequel” situation.

There are worse things that could occur in Hollywood than a torrent of female-directed, female-written, and female-targeted adult-skewing R-rated amorous dramas personification in multiplexes alongside a some-more required male-centric melodramas.  Anyway, there will be time for all of this when a film opens. In a meantime, Fifty Shades of Grey, starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, is indeed rated R for all a reasons we insincere it would be rated R. It opens Feb 13th from Universal (Comcast Corp.) though not before premiering during a Berlin International Film Festival on Feb 11th. As always, we’ll see…

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