Fifty Shades of Grey strike Irish TV final night, and Twitter was hilarious

August 25, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

In box you’re unaware, Fifty Shades of Grey done a entrance on Irish radio final night, and as Christian and Anastasia got closely acquainted, Irish viewers clinging an lavish volume of time to their phones.

All too wakeful of a Holy Catholic Ireland reputation, a Irish open spent hours promulgation themselves adult on Twitter.

From throwing family members pensive in a tract to insisting a SM storyline was too tame, Twitter was simply as interesting as a film causing a liquid of posts.

And here, ladies, is only a sample…

1. Shook altogether.

 2. We did it, lads.

3. A satisfactory estimation. 

 4. Well, now.

 5. Classic Mrs. Brown.

6. Tame as anything.

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