Fifty Shades Of Grey Is Reshooting Due To ‘Poor Chemistry,’ So Book Your …

October 23, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey trailer

“ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” – me (and also substantially them)

When the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey premiered over a summer, my biggest takeaway was what small chemistry Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan seemed to have. And that’s kind of a problem, given a whole film is about them doing a do. It looks like we wasn’t a usually one to comprehend this issue, given a film has left into reshoots 4 months before a release, and it’s reportedly since a sex scenes weren’t “passionate” enough. we can't wait for this sight mutilate to strike theaters.

A source told Us Weekly that “Dakota isn’t entrance off voluptuous enough” and is ostensible to “be naive, not a dish-rag.” Whoa, unknown sources are snarky these days. we don’t know what a filmmakers design to occur a second time around, though. Chemistry isn’t a kind of thing we can only force into existence. If they weren’t able of sanctimonious to suffer touching/kissing/looking during any other a initial time, it’s substantially not going to change this time, during slightest not but it looking fake. You can’t only snap your fingers and breathe life into dead, absent eyes. (Seriously, because does Dakota demeanour like that? It’s like she’s in a consistent state of perplexing to remember if she left a oven on.)

I theory a screenwriter who was assured Jamie would win an Oscar for those scenes she wasn’t even there to declare (in which he was “soft and tough during a same time”) will be unhappy about this news. Or not, if a repute for Universal is to be believed. According to them, “No one should doubt a feverishness or power of the actors.” That’s an engaging approach to put it. Is it fine for me to doubt their ability to put their mouths on any other’s mouths but looking like they’d rather be literally anywhere else? Because that’s all we ask of them. I’m not picky. Just a deceptive clarity that they suffer touching any other would be good.

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