‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Marketing: More Sizzle Than Sex

February 3, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

To tease audiences on Valentine’s Day weekend into saying “Fifty Shades of Grey,” one of Hollywood’s many intimately provocative studio offerings in years, a film’s offered debate takes a less-is-more approach. Sex might sell, yet Universal Pictures and Focus Features are vigilant on courtship women yet going too far, in sequence to successfully launch a $40 million bigscreen instrumentation of E.L. James’ novel, that became a large bestseller interjection to a striking sex scenes.

One of a categorical images on billboards and in online ads shows womanlike lead Dakota Johnson (as Anastasia Steele) in a moist poise with her arms lifted above her head, appearing as if they’re tied up, with Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) about to lick her. The tagline reads: “Curious?” — a doubt designed for moviegoers, yet also a crafty anxiety to a movie’s characters.

The film’s trailers and TV spots have left further, personification adult Grey’s impracticable lifestyle — his penthouse unit rising high above Seattle, his sharp Audi sedan, costly wardrobe and helicopter. They also foster a flourishing adore event between Grey and Steele, display their courtship by regretful moments, including a moody in a glider. Early imitation ads were mostly in black-and-white, with a initial print simply picturing Dornan station during a floor-to-ceiling window. Subsequent ads uncover him with a china tie wrapped firmly around his fist, his conduct partly out of view. Every component of a offered manages to brew in pointed hints of what done James’ contingent of books, that has sole 100 million copies worldwide, so enthralling in a initial place: a SM — or “strong passionate and surprising behavior” that warranted a film a R rating. There are teasing shots of Dornan’s abs; Grey’s Red Room of Pain, where a integrate indulges in sadomasochism; and glimpses of whips and masks.

The “Fifty Shades” offered group has been crafting a plan for scarcely 3 years, after conducting investigate on what a aim assembly would be meddlesome in saying — and what captivated them to a books in a initial place.

“The blatant sex isn’t what a film’s all about,” says one offered executive who helped delicately qualification a film’s promotional summary by regulating endless methodical investigate on a “Fifty Shades” fanbase. “It’s all about a allure of Christian Grey and his world.” That’s meant “peeling behind layers yet giving divided a lot.”

Universal always knew that a SM elements would be deliberate too banned for some moviegoers and many chartering partners, who typically drive transparent of R-rated properties.

The soundtrack is installed with important artists like Beyonce and a Rolling Stones who are renouned with a extended audiences. A musicvideo of a Weeknd’s “Earned It” facilities a nearly-nude Johnson in full dominatrix mode.

What’s helped bond a film with fans is a tactic borrowed from Lionsgate’s “Hunger Games” campaigns: regulating noted quotes from a book like “Mr. Grey will see we now” total with art from a movie.

The offered effort’s also left directly to a assembly on a accumulation of platforms, including television, Facebook, Pinterest — and a diversion mouth-watering players to work as “interns” during Grey Enterprises.

In a entrance weeks, “Fifty Shades” ads will sweeping female-skewing shows like ABC’s “Scandal” and “How to Get Away With Murder,” while NBC’s “Today Show” perceived disdainful entrance to a set and footage, and ran a competition to uncover a film early to fans.

Johnson and Dornan, who recently got courtesy as Golden Globes presenters, were also featured in a Valentine’s Day-themed TV mark compelling allege sheet sales on Fandango, that generated even some-more hum from a mostly womanlike assembly that watches a awards show. The ad was noticed some-more than 7 million times on YouTube alone.

Fifty Shades” offered is holding advantage of Pinterest’s 71% womanlike userbase, compelling a film with an endless photo board. The movie’s central Facebook page has 7.3 million likes, with a amicable network also charity photos from a film along with quotes from the book.

The final vital offered bid will revolve around enlivening moviegoers to see a film in groups — a approach they incited out in droves for a initial “Sex and a City,” that non-stop to $57 million in late May in 2008. Universal incited to Fandango and MovieTickets.com to pre-sell ducats to “Fifty Shades” 8 weeks before a release.

Fandango pronounced a film has turn a fastest offered R-rated design in a site’s 15-year history.

Box bureau analysts design a design to open during around $60 million, yet early tracking puts a figure closer to $40 million. But Fandango also is saying stronger-than-expected direct in Southern states, including Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia and Alabama, where pre-sale numbers are outpacing other films by as high as 270%. Theaters in vital markets are also stating sellouts, creation a opening week opening tough to predict. The final film to get a significant Valentine’s Day boost was 2010’s “Valentine’s Day,” debuting with $56 million.

“Female moviegoers are pushing amicable conversations around this film in countless ways,” says Fizziology ubiquitous manager Rich Calabrese, noting, “Over a past week, 86% of all retweets from a film’s Twitter comment came from women.”

The doubt now is only how extraordinary they are to compensate to see it.

Social Phenomenon:
According to amicable media researcher Fizziology, “Fifty Shades” is hot:

490,000 Mentions on Twitter in a past 7 days, most aloft than for other adaptations such as “The Fault in Our Stars,” “The Maze Runner” and new “Hunger Games” films.

65% – Percentage of certain conversation, justification that striking sex isn’t a negative. The soundtrack is also pushing certain mentions.

16% – Percentage of moviegoers formulating messages who are pity “intent to see” a film.

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