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July 7, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is about to get out of this world. Romance author Rebel Miller announced a recover of her entrance novel, “Awakening.”

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The new author hopes to fill a widening opening in a abounding new adult intrigue book genre. Sci-fi meets Fifty Shades of Grey?

“Well, there’s a lot of ardent tragedy and it’s set in a future, though a story is a lot some-more than only that!” Canadian author Rebel Miller pronounced in a statement.

“Awakening is a coming-of-age intrigue that hurdles what we know about love, sexuality and identity, though in a whole new time and space.”

According to a consult that was recently published by New Adult Alley, readers are looking for some-more farrago in terms of ardent preferences, informative backgrounds and settings.

Almost 40 percent of a targeted organisation of respondents were meddlesome in stories in a non-contemporary category.

Miller hopes to accommodate that direct with her novel, Awakening.

“I adore a voluptuous billionaire as most as a subsequent girl, though there’s a lot of angst-filled passion to be had with other forms of alpha males as well,” Miller pronounced in a statement.

“I consider intrigue readers are prepared and looking for stories that go even deeper into exploring sexuality while during a same time navigating issues like a new career, family expectations and amicable relationships.”

Awakening takes on constrained topics such as mixed partner relations as good as ardent prevalence and acquiescence opposite a backdrop of a multitude ruled by a standing complement and widespread opposite mixed worlds.

“It’s book one in a array about a immature lady distinguished out on her possess in a unconventional multitude called a Realm,” Miller pronounced in a statement.

“Kira, a protagonist, is like so many starting out – eager, ardent and ambitious, though finds herself on a scattered trail that tests all she knows about those she loves and a universe she lives in.”

Rebel Miller writes romances for a insurgent during heart “While overindulging in Pinot Grigio and caramel popcorn, she binges on an heterogeneous brew of movies, song and, of course, angst-filled intrigue novels.”

Miller warranted a connoisseur grade in Communications and Culture from Ryerson University and an undergraduate grade from a University of a West Indies.

Rebel Miller writes about charismatic characters confronting resources in settings that mostly spin amicable conventions on their head. Rebel lives in a hinterland of Toronto, Canada, with her father and dual sons. Awakening is her initial novel.

Awakening is accessible everywhere eBooks are sold. 



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