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September 6, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Although E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey” novel has been criticized for a raunchy content, actor Jamie Dornan has hinted that a film instrumentation is not as intense.

Dornan plays SM amatory billionaire Christian Grey in a arriving movie. In an talk with GQ magazine, he pronounced a film is toned down in sequence to attract audiences, Yahoo UK reports.

“In some ways it’ll mangle a few boundaries. But during a same time, they wish to put bums on seats,” he said.

Luckily for Dornan, however, he did not wish a film to be sincerely shocking.

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“They can’t divide an audience,” he said. “You know it has to be watchable. It can’t be hardcore. we wouldn’t have sealed adult to it if it was.”

Meanwhile, a stepfather of Dakota Johnson, who plays genuine college tyro Anastasia Steele in a film, also doesn’t seem to be endangered about a movie’s raunchiness. In an talk with Yahoo, Antonio Banderas pronounced that he will support Johnson’s role.

“I have finished that form of work too in a past, so who am we to tell my stepdaughter don’t do it or only to have some kind of bizarre probity indicate to decider or something like that,” he said. “No I’m flattering certain that she’s going to be illusory since she’s really smart, and we consider she’s a good actress. … So when a time comes we will go and we will watch it and try to have a visualisation that is satisfactory since it’s really opposite when we see someone that’s really tighten to we and only decider that person.”

Although a film won’t premiere until Feb. 13, 2015, there are already talks of a sequel. “Fifty Shades Darker,” formed off of a second book in author E.L. James’ trilogy, is reportedly seeking out Kendall Jenner, a younger sister of Kim Kardashain. This week, Daily Mail reported that a Grazia repository source pronounced a 18-year-old is in discussions with agents to seem in a movie.

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