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November 30, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

This week, a Facebook fan page for “Fifty Shades of Grey” rolled out a array of images of a actors in character. 

So far, a images of Marcia Gay Harden as Grace, Andrew Airlie as Carrick Grey, and Eloise Mumford as Kate Kavanagh have all been published on a “Fifty Shades of Grey” Facebook page. The images perceived several criticisms from fans who suspicion a coming of a actors severely contrasted a earthy descriptions created in a E.L. James novel of a same name.

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The picture of “How We Do” thespian Rita Ora as Mia Grey was also posted on Facebook on Wednesday and perceived arguably a many recoil among a expel photos.

The Daily Mail reports that Facebook users slammed Ora’s wig and altogether comparison and critical coming as Mia Grey. The novel primarily describes Mia as a immature and honeyed girly girl.

“I illusory someone like Alice from twilight personification Mia. NOT HER,” Facebook user Rebecca Chauhan wrote.

Another Facebook user, Leanne Marie Paisley wrote, “Looks to aged to be Mia! Did a casting directors review a books before casting or only went for a cheapest performers they could find??”

In further to slamming Ora and a other members of a cast, many fans also voiced their concerns over a correctness and altogether execution of a film.

Some fans posted that they approaching a film to be a disappointment. Others commented that a expel photos already busted a fad they felt to see a film.

Prior to a recover of her Mia Grey photos, Ora endangered “Fifty Shades” fans behind in Jul when she confessed to wanting assistance with her lines while filming a amorous film.

“I had to have someone in my ear on set revelation me what to contend before we pronounced it since we was overtly like so shaken we forgot all that we had learnt,” Ora pronounced during an talk with Access Hollywood.

Fifty Shades of Grey” hits theaters on Feb. 13, 2015.

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