Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie: Do The Lead Stars Lack Chemistry? Pair Rumored …

December 29, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie

The Fifty Shades of Grey Movie that is set to come out in 2015, has been reported to be doing a bit some-more filming than expected, as a lead stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are presumably lacking chemistry between any other. 

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The producers are rumored to be payable with a regretful takes that happened and have reportedly called to do a reshoot given of this.

As to a Fifty Shades of Grey Movie sequel, that has been reported to be in a early stages of formulation already, one name has been piquing a seductiveness of producers: Kendall Jenner.

The “Keeping adult with a Kardashians” star is reportedly in talks with her representative to star in a supplement to a arriving 50 Shades of Grey Movie, yup, we’re articulate about supplement already. There are reports that explain a Fifty Shades of Grey director, Sam Taylor-Wood, is now a outrageous fan of Kendall, that’s since he is penetrating on removing a 18-year aged indication on a second installment.

As quoted from Grazia Magazine, “[Sam]’s preoccupied by her and voiced seductiveness in her appearing in a initial film though it didn’t happen,” According to MailOnline, “Universal is also penetrating for Kendall to be concerned in a sequel. They put in a call to her people and organised a assembly final month, that went unequivocally well.”

Fans are wondering what purpose Kendall would be personification in a film, deliberation that she competence be a tad too immature to play a passionate purpose a book entitles a lead roles to be. According to an insider,  “It wouldn’t be a vital purpose though would positively be a feet in a doorway of Hollywood. Apparently, she’ll usually pointer on once Sam Taylor-Wood is reliable as a director.”

Kendall is now looking for a change in career, given flourishing adult with her famous family creates it tough for her to settle a apart career on her own, that is since she took adult displaying initially. She even went as distant as dropping her final name given she wanted to be addressed only by her initial name.

According to an insider that spilled beans on, “She only wants some autonomy from her family. Everyone in a business refers to her on a first-name basis, anyway, It’s unequivocally critical to Kendall that she make a name for herself on her possess and she feels like dropping her final name helps with that goal.”

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