‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie Update 2015: Ora Wants More Lines; Marlon Wayans …

August 15, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

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Fifty Shades” has a lot of sparkling news for fans! Singer Rita Ora is anticipating for some-more lines in a authorization while Marlon Wayans produces a waggish spin on a amorous intrigue movie.

Songstress Rita Ora is looking brazen to reprising her purpose of Mia Grey in a “Fifty Shades” franchise, if a event arises. The 24-year aged thespian done a tiny cameo in a initial movie.

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Ora seemed in “Fifty Shades of Grey” as a adoptive daughter of Carrick Grey and Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey, sister to Christian Grey. The “Black Widow” thespian had though 4 lines, however she is anticipating for a possibility to do some-more in a following dual sequels, “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed.” The singer-songwriter emitted her wish for a bigger purpose in a discuss with ITV’s ‘Lorraine, reports The Nation. “I’m a large fan of a books and my character, Mia Grey, she unequivocally most evolves in [books] dual and 3 solemnly though surely. So if they do ask me [to be in a film], of march I’ll be there.”

Author E.L. James, suggested she is now operative on dual some-more intrigue novels. In a chatter discuss with fans, she was asked either she skeleton to furnish any some-more work, to that she replied, “I’ve created a new book and am median by another. Both romances. Not certain when we will finish them.”

While a best-selling author pens dual some-more novels, comedian Marlon Wayans is tough during work formulating a comedic spin-off of a thespian intrigue movie.

Marlon Wayans tells Entertainment Weekly, “Like Fifty Shades of Grey’ if Christian Grey was black and he was rich, though we don’t know accurately how he got his money, he’s a small shady, and he’s a unequivocally bad lover.”

Wayans is discerning to advise a film will not be a spoof. Like a rest of his comedy-filled motions pictures. “I don’t demeanour during these cinema like spoofs, as most as comedic remixes,” pronounced Marlon. we only proceed it as a possess strange movie, with a possess tract and a possess characters, and only take them by a identical journey. we only find a jokes where a dramas didn’t. It’s kind of like what Kanye [West] does to aged essence music; I only remix it for this generation, for people that wish to see comedies.”

Wayans has constructed comedic spins on a series of cinema including a Scary Movie franchise.

Fifty Shades of Black” strike theaters on Jan. 20, 2016.

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