Fifty Shades of Grey rewrite savaged by critics

June 25, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

EL James

James’s Fifty Shades books have sole millions of copies worldwide

Critics have savaged EL James’s rewrite of her amorous bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey, with one job a essay “bad throughout” and another accusing it of “rapturous self-regard”.

Grey re-tells a events of James’s 2011 strange from a viewpoint of a antagonist, Christian Grey.

The book, writes a Evening Standard’s David Sexton, “loyally repeats each line [and] each agonizing email”.

According to a Telegraph, a outcome is “as voluptuous as a wretchedness memoir”.

“How mostly do Ana’s cheeks flush pink?” writes Bryony Gordon in her one-star review. “How many times does she make him feel 10 feet tall?

“And he unequivocally should go and see someone about all that prickling his scalp does.”

James’s strange told of a erotic attribute between Grey, a millionaire businessmen with an seductiveness in subjugation and sadism, and novel tyro Anastasia Steele from a latter’s perspective.

According to a author, “thousands of readers” had requested to hear Christian’s indicate of perspective given a book’s publication.

The new book retells a original’s story from a masculine perspective

The new book was published on 18 June, as that is a date of a character’s birthday in Fifty Shades and a dual sequels that followed.

Writing in The Guardian, chick-lit author Jenny Colgan described a strange novel as “a rather fun and sincerely amiable mural of a woman’s passionate fantasy”.

In her opinion, though, “it is roughly unfit to review Grey and not assume a anecdotist is going to finish adult in jail”.

“Instead of jaunty and repeated amiable SM, a ‘love affair’ is now a disfigured work of an complete psychopath,” she continues.

Yet a Daily Mirror’s Francesca Cookney is some-more forgiving, observant fans of a Christian Grey impression “will be gratified to learn he’s no reduction formidable than he seems”.

The initial book in James’s trilogy was blending into a film this year by executive Sam Taylor-Johnson, with Jamie Dornan as Christian and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia.

Taylor-Johnson has given ruled herself out of directing a designed sequels, formed on James’s books Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.

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