Fifty Shades of Grey: See Ana Go from Innocent Student to Billionaire’s …

February 10, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

When we initial accommodate Miss Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey, she’s usually an trusting college tyro with a ambience for jeans and Converse sneakers. Her usually knowledge with intrigue is reading Tess of a d’Urbervilles, and her thought of fun is staying in.

“At a commencement of a film, Ana’s never unequivocally had any regretful attribute with anyone,” says Dakota Johnson in PEOPLE’s disdainful video. “She throws herself into novel instead of boys and parties.”

Adds Johnson: “It’s not that she hasn’t been interested, it’s that she’s never been lighted by someone before.”

But she shortly encounters a unaccompanied Christian Grey, business-savvy owner of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc. and tip BDSM aficionado.

“She meets Christian, and we can visually see her go by a change in a film,” says Johnson.

Gone are a soothing florals and baggy overalls. They’re transposed by abounding solids and formfitting dresses. “What we unequivocally wanted was to have this clarity that there was this immature lady who’s clearly falling prey and plant to power, success, gifts and all of those things,” says executive Sam Taylor-Johnson, “but who eventually flips all around and becomes a absolute one in their relationship.”

Check out a character’s mutation in a video above and locate Fifty Shades of Grey in theaters on Friday.

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