Fifty Shades of Grey Sequel Casts Oscar-Winning Actress as Christian Grey’s Former Lover

January 29, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

This past summer, a gossip swept a Internet that a Fifty Shades of Grey film authorization had expel Charlize Theron as Elena Lincoln, a comparison lady in Christian Grey’s life who initial introduced a illusory billionaire to a universe of B.D.S.M. While that news did not infer true, Fifty Shades of Grey creator E.L. James has only strictly allocated another Oscar-winning blonde beauty to play Grey’s former flame.

That actress? Kim Basinger.

Variety reports that a L.A. Confidential star will seem in a arriving supplement Fifty Shades Darker as Elena, Christian’s business partner and ex. The casting is rather inventive deliberation that Basinger herself done a veteran dash early in her career with a 1986 amorous play 9 ½ Weeks, that co-starred Mickey Rourke. In box you’ve lost about a argumentative film, let this GIF offer as a reminder.

In Fifty Shades Darker, Elena earns a nickname “Mrs. Robinson” when Anastasia Steele—Christian’s some-more age-appropriate adore interest, played by Dakota Johnson—learns that Elena seduced Christian when he was a teenager.

If a Fifty Shades Darker film, that is being created by James and her husband, Niall Leonard, is anything like a book, Basinger’s Elena will suffer a luscious fight with Ana after Ana and Christian strech a new miracle in their relationship.

Earlier this week, Johnson teased a supplement to Access Hollywood, saying, “It’s arrange of like a thriller, and gets kind of scary.” She also simplified that, only since she has a few sex scenes underneath her veteran belt, does not meant she is any some-more gentle jumping between a sheets for Fifty Shades Darker. “It is never gentle to do scenes like that,” Johnson said, “because it’s not in a private nor insinuate sourroundings and in that specific case, it’s a lot of choreographed movement.”

Fifty Shades Darker is set to start filming this spring, underneath a instruction of James Foley, before the melodramatic release—February 10, 2017.

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