‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Sequel News, Cast, Spoilers: Franchise Back-to-Back Movies

November 16, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

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Jamie Dornan of “Fifty Shades of Grey

The initial film of “Fifty Shades of Grey” was a clear blockbuster success, and nonetheless everybody knew that a authorization is going to get a second and third film, it became a doubt as to when that would indeed happen. After being on reason for a while, it’s now reliable that a supplement to a $570 million grossing film is finally going to start filming in 2016, and some-more good news is that it will apparently be filming back-to-back with a third one as well.

Now, Universal wants to get a franschise off and going as many as they can. Perhaps like many studios, Universal is wakeful that from film franchises like this, watchful too prolonged can really impact a success of serve installments down a line.

According to Daily Mail UK, stars of a film instrumentation of a amorous novel series, Dakota Johnoson and Jamie Dornan, will be reprising their roles when prolongation picks up. Earlier this year, rumors strated to disseminate that delays were being caused by Dornan’s wife’s objections to reunite with a co-star. This was followed by a widespread gossip that Dornan was carrying genuine regretful feelings for Johnson. However, Dornan has oral adult about this and simply pronounced that it was due to his report that he hasn’t been means to take on a purpose once more.

Furthermore, a depart of a initial movie’s executive Sam Taylor-Johnson really caused a sharpened of a new film to be pushed behind as well. Now, James Foley will be holding over a director’s seat, and maybe one of a hurdles he has to face would be to keep a component that has done a initial film a strike notwithstanding a clever criticisms opposite it.

E.L. James is a author of a bestselling “Fifty Shades of Grey” novel series. Although she is usually overseeing a film production, her father Niall Leonard will be concerned directly as he is obliged for essay a screenplays for a second and third installments. Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti will be returning alongside James to furnish a films.

The dual cinema already have a set premiere dates with “Fifty Shades Darker” scheduled for recover on Feb 10, 2017, while “Fifty Shades Freed” can be approaching a year after, on Februay 9, 2018.

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