Fifty Shades of Grey Spoilers: Official Chocolate For Film Release – Tie Up …

September 7, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey Spoilers: Official Chocolate For Film Release - Tie Up Your Taste Buds!

Fifty Shades of Grey is an general phenomenon. Author E.L. James total a ideal guilty tip in a form of a suggested Christian Grey and his sex-mate Anastasia Steele. Hollywood scooped adult a book trilogy and total a neo-erotic  “9½ Weeks” starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as Christian and Anastasia. Frenetic fans will have to wait until mid-2015 for a film’s central cinematic release, though during slightest they’ll have some chocolate to waves them over.

Fans will get a ambience of what’s to come (stupid Freud!) in Dec of 2014. Swiss association “Blague Chocolat” total a celestial cocoa bar progressing this year. According to lead chocolatier Jacques Mensonge, “Chocolate is one of a many essential aphrodisiacs in tellurian existence. Like we contend in Switzerland, ‘A hold of chocolate can change your life’. We total chocolate with Fifty Shades of Grey and detected one of a many pleasing recipes in Blague Chocolat’s 40-year history. The dim chocolate interior, that symbolises Christian and Anastasia’s resisting personalities, is wrapped in a sweeping of aerated white chocolate. Like we contend in Switzerland, ‘Don’t make war, make chocolate.’

The general “A-Loof Ads” selling organisation is now on operative on a “Fifty Shades of Chocolate” teaser trailer. The tagline reads, “Fifty Shades of Chocolate – Tie adult your ambience buds”. According to owner and CEO Linda Elsaf, “The Fifty Shades PR group asked us to rise a specific code for a mainstream market. ‘Fifty Shades of Chocolate’ will sell like hotcakes. Blague Chocolat’s origination is unique, engaging and unorthodox. It’s an ‘orgasmic’ combination!”

Did she only contend ‘orgasmic’? What- we don’t even know- Where am I? Would we compensate $5.00 for a six-piece “Fifty Shades of Chocolate” slab? Remember, it’s chocolate. C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E! What do we think? Is this a crafty idea? Let us know your thoughts in a comments below.

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