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December 4, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey” star Eloise Mumford is headed to a tiny shade in a premiere of Hallmark’s latest strange film, “Just in Time For Christmas.” The made-for-TV film tells a story of Lindsay Rodgers (Mumford), who gets a pursuit offer of a lifetime during a same time that her longtime beloved decides to take their attribute to a subsequent level. Lindsay’s forced to make a formidable preference between her career and loyal adore — opportunely she’s got Christmas sorcery on her side. International Business Times recently had a event to locate adult with Mumford, 29, to plead a film and much, many more. 

According to a venerable immature actress, “Just in Time for Christmas” will concentration on Lindsay’s onslaught to confirm either to make a vital cross-country pierce or settle down with her boyfriend, Jason Stewart (Michael Stahl-David). During a film she decides to take a travel in a park alone in an bid to transparent her mind and encounters a visionary stranger, played by William Shatner, who changes everything.

“Lindsay’s kind of during this crossroads in her life where a male that she’s been dating for a unequivocally prolonged time proposes to her on a same night that she gets a pursuit offer of her dreams. It all happens unequivocally fast and she doesn’t unequivocally know how to react, as we consider many of us would feel in that situation,” Mumford explained. “That night she creates one preference and it might not indispensably be a right one. She goes into a park and meets this arrange of visionary Christmas male played by William Shatner and, in a capillary of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ she’s shown what life would be like if she creates a preference that she was going to make in that moment.”

The glance into a destiny provides Lindsay with a new kind of discernment on a situation. According to Mumford, her character learns only how critical a people in her life truly are. She is also shown that she might not have to select one or a other, though rather can have loyal adore and a career of her dreams. Mumford feels this thesis will ring with audiences who fear they can’t “have it all.” 

“I consider generally now there’s so many people that consider they have to select between work and love,” she said. “Or that one thing has to take a behind burner. It’s a film about that and, also, only about appreciating what we have.”

Much like her impression Lindsay, Mumford has had to make some formidable decisions in life since of her perfectionist career. Although she’s come to accept it as partial of her trade, a “Fifty Shades of Grey” actress admits that, while possible, it is severe to change relations of any kind and work. She claims it’s mostly a volume of time spent divided from home that creates a biggest hurdles to burst over and adds that a best approach to fight it is by being present. 

“Being an actor we spend a lot of time divided from home and it’s unequivocally tough to try to juggle relations with work. Spending a lot of time divided from your desired ones is unequivocally hard. It’s always been something that I’m still perplexing to figure out and we consider it only comes down to being as benefaction as probable in any moment,” she said. “That’s arrange of what a film ends adult articulate about.”

“Just in Time For Christmas” is only one of many films expelled this year as a partial of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas. While any is different, starring opposite characters and focusing on opposite themes and storylines, one thing binds them, and other holiday films, together: an underlying adore story. When asked why, in her opinion, holiday films so mostly underline an component of romance, Mumford explained that for so many people around a world, regardless of what they might celebrate, a giving deteriorate is about being tighten to a ones they love. She told IBT many people go above and over to uncover their adore with gifts and kind gestures during a holidays since “that’s what we all wish for.”

“I consider that it’s only that for so many of us a holidays are about a people that we adore and that’s what we unequivocally adore about this time of year. Any holiday for me positively is about that. It’s about display them how many we adore them and only feeling unequivocally beholden that we can all be together,” she said. “I consider holiday cinema have that thesis since that’s what we all wish for.”

Another distant some-more apparent thesis in holiday movies? Joy. The problem, however, is that holiday-themed films are shot during warmer months. While actors fake to shudder on shade they’re unequivocally wearing winter coats and singing Christmas carols in Jun or July. So how does one get in a holiday suggestion in a passed of summer? According to Mumford it’s as elementary as carrying a good set designer. 

“There’s kind of an trace of fun all a time because, we think, no matter how many of a Scrooge anyone is there’s always a small block of their heart that personally loves holiday movies,” she explained. “We were sharpened this in Jul and we remember one night we was shouting, ‘Have a unequivocally Merry Christmas’ in this city block underneath all these Christmas lights and it only kind of brings that sorcery since it’s tough not to adore a holidays.”

“Just in Time for Christmas” front Saturday, Dec. 5 during 8 p.m. EST on a Hallmark Channel.

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