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November 24, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

With a supplement to Fifty Shades of Grey approaching to start prolongation in a entrance months, Fifty Shades Darker star Jamie Dornan is some-more than fervent to reprise his purpose in a strike amorous drama. In fact, Dornan recently sat down with People and suggested usually how concerned he is to once again play a purpose of Christian Grey in a film, that is due to be expelled in 2017.

Dornan will once again join associate co-star Dakota Johnson as a dual play out a regretful adore seductiveness between Dornan’s billionaire Grey and Johnson’s college connoisseur Anastasia Steele. In regards to personification his impression in a sequel, Dornan settled that he is vehement to try his impression in new ways and see Christian serve rise as a array enters a second film.

“I’m looking brazen to embodying Christian again – and removing a possibility to uncover some-more of him,” Dornan told a outlet.

Fifty Shades Darker is formed on a second book in a array created by E.L. James and will try a difficult attribute that continues to rise between Anastasia, who recently graduated college, and Grey. In doing so, it will deliver a array of new characters and set a theatre for a third film in a franchise, Fifty Shades Freed.

Jordan plays billionaire who practices BDSM in a ‘Fifty Shades’ franchise. [Image around Universal Pictures]

Although Dornan is clearly removing concerned about starring in a strike authorization once more, there is one thing that he is not looking brazen to as prolongation kicks off in Canada. In particular, a actor is not concerned about carrying to work in a Vancouver rain, where filming is set to start in a entrance months. Luckily, this isn’t adequate for Dornan to not wish to start filming as shortly as he can.

While filming is still a few months divided from starting, Dornan is now removing prepared to enhance his family with a introduction of another child. According to Entertainment Weekly, Dornan and his wife, Amelia Warner, are set to have their second child. The smoothness date of their new child has not been announced, though it is approaching to occur soon.

At a same time, Dornan is now perplexing his best to equivocate fans of a strike amorous play while filming for a TV array in Ireland. Dornan is operative on a BBC psychological drama, The Fall, and settled that a doubt he always gets asked while out and about is, “Can we get a Selfie?”

It has been reported that prolongation was behind so Dornan could spend some-more time with profound mother Amelia Warner. [Photo By Ian Gavan/Getty Images]

Apart from dodging Fifty Shades fans, Dornan went on to acknowledge that he unequivocally enjoys a filming plcae for The Fall. In fact, Dornan suggested that being means to revisit Belfast is one of his favorite things about being a partial of a crime thriller. This is understandable, generally deliberation how Belfast is where Dornan identifies as his loyal hometown.

“Getting to film in Belfast (where we grew up) and being surrounded by associate Irish people,” Dornan explained in a interview, referencing his favorite thing about a series.

Although Dornan might adore filming in Belfast and personification a partial of sequence torpedo Paul Spector, fans of Fifty Shades of Grey can’t wait to see a actor behind in a china tie. Luckily, prolongation for Fifty Shades is usually a few months divided from ramping up, and it won’t be prolonged before a subsequent film in a authorization hits theaters everywhere.

Fifty Shades Darker is scheduled to arrive in theaters in Feb of 2017. At a same time, Fifty Shades Freed is set to be expelled in Feb of 2018. With a recover date usually a small some-more than a year away, it won’t be prolonged before prolongation starts for a rarely expected sequel.

Tell us! Are we looking brazen to saying Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson reprise their roles in a Fifty Shades sequels? Let us know in a comments below.

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