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June 27, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Although there were early rumors that Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan has concluded to go full frontal in a arriving film Fifty Shades Darker, it now appears as nonetheless that competence not happen. According to The Stir, a dress engineer for a arriving film believes it’s best to leave some-more to a imagination when it comes to nakedness on-screen.

“I don’t need it all spelled out for me,” Bridges settled when asked about Dornan shedding all in a new movie. “Things left to a imagination are better. But a people who are concerned in a after films contingency know something we don’t know.”

The progressing reports forked to a thought that Dornan had sealed a vital reward in sequence to seem entirely bare in a sequel. While Bridges’ comments don’t come out and directly state that Dornan will not be entirely nude, his comments, generally deliberation a fact he has initial palm believe of what a characters will and will not be wearing in a movie, do prove that it competence not happen.

Meanwhile, some-more reports have flush about E.L. James’ skeleton to enhance a series. The author recently published a new book in a Fifty Shades of Grey universe, patrician Grey, that is formed on a events in a initial novel though told from Christian’s perspective instead of Anastasia’s.

Since a initial film in a authorization valid to be a vital success, and with dual some-more on a way, many fans have speculated that Grey would also be blending to a large screen. Although James and a studio have nonetheless to announce an agreement concerning any additional movies, a author did exhibit that some-more books were on a way.

According to KPopStarz, James is set to recover another book from Christian’s viewpoint that will be formed on a events of Fifty Shades Darker.

“I will many approaching write Fifty Shades Darker from Christian’s indicate of view,” James settled in an interview, adding “It wasn’t that tough to write from Christian’s viewpoint once we got started.”

Given a fact that Grey was a record offered book in a initial week, offered some-more than 600,000 copies in usually 3 days, it is really approaching that it be blending to a large screen. However, while Dakota Johnson and Dornan are peaceful to reprise their roles in a subsequent dual films, it isn’t famous if they will determine to any some-more over that.

While fans energetically wait some-more news concerning their favorite franchise, Fifty Shades Darker is approaching to premiere in theaters in 2017.

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