film is one thing, yet doing it frankly and for giveaway given we suffer it is another, Fifty Shades Of Grey star Jamie Dornan apparently visited a “sex dungeon” as investigate for his purpose and reports that it was, like, OMG HOLY CRAP.

Using a arrange of denunciation employed by people perplexing to move adult something they have been personally wanting to do for years yet are fearful their partner will find “weird,” Dornan tells Elle UK that he did go to a BDSM club, yet had no thought how he got there or what people were doing and whoops he contingency be in a wrong building yet oh good given he’s here he competence as good stay and have a drink even yet he would never ever do anything like that himself unless he was contractually thankful to, and not one of those eccentric sex contracts either, haha no approach gross:

“‘I went there, they offering me a beer, and they did…whatever they were into. we saw a widespread with one of his dual submissives,’ he says.

There was copiousness of kink… and copiousness [of] laughter. ‘I was like: ‘Come on guys we know I’m not profitable for this yet we am awaiting a show.’ It was an engaging evening. Then going behind to my mother and baby baby afterwards… we had a prolonged showering before touching possibly of them.’”

Wealth porn, on a other hand—now that Dornan can get into.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]