Fifty Shades of Grey superfan reveals how EL James’ raunchy books shabby her sex life – and helped her get …

November 24, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

A lady has told how apropos a superfan of Fifty Shades of Grey remade her sex life with her partner – and finished adult with her apropos profound with her daughter.

Andrea Costa pronounced reading a initial book by EL James finished her some-more physique assured and led to her and her partner Steve experimenting with ropes and purpose play in a bedroom .

She is now even formulation a Fifty Shades themed marriage – formed on a cover-up round featured in a book.

And Andrea admits a array keeps carrying an outcome on certainty and her sex life, her and her partner have even experimented with some of a steel pleasure balls, used by Anastasia, during a celebration where she admits “we left unequivocally quickly.”

Andrea was primarily bought a initial Fifty Shades of Grey book by Steve.

Dakota Johnson stars in a Fifty Shades of Grey film
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Andrea with her partner Steve
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“I review a initial book within a integrate of months of it being expelled and we found out we was profound with my daughter Lara,” pronounced a 30-year-old, from Norfolk. “I consider it unequivocally finished us some-more active in a bedroom. We were doing opposite things and perplexing new things.

“I had left to a doctors since of behind pain and afterwards we found out we was pregnant. It was totally unexpected, it wasn’t designed during all, we already have a son who is now nine.”

Andrea credits a Fifty Shades array – of that she has review them all and seen all a films – with giving her some-more confidence, both inside and outward of a bedroom. She also says she loves a regretful themes.

“For example, one of a new things we experimented with was we attempted out ropes, regulating them to connect eachother,” combined Andrea. “We did examination with them. Tying any other’s hands to a bed for example.

“I’d never finished anything like that before, and conjunction had my partner. Fifty Shades was unequivocally an change on a sex life, and is still one.”

Andrea pronounced a span also use purpose play, and recalls regulating a steel pleasure balls popularised in a book.

Andrea is a fan of a Fifty Shades of Grey array – and has already pre-ordered a subsequent installment
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The 30-year-old skeleton to get married with a cover-up round themed marriage – taken from a pages of Fifty Shades
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“Anastasia did use them during a cover-up ball. we used them during a Christmas party, and lets usually contend we left utterly early,” combined Andrea with a giggle.

Andrea is such a fan of a book that she is formulation to marry her partner with a Fifty Shades themed cover-up ball, that she insists will be “exactly like a book.”

And her family, who are wakeful of her gusto for a raunchy series, all know where a impulse for a marriage comes from.

Andrea has review each Fifty Shades book so distant and has already pre-ordered a subsequent one in a series, out on Tuesday.

She added: “Reading a books has given me a lot some-more confidence, a lot some-more certainty about both myself and my body. They are indeed where we have got a lot of my ideas from. It’s usually unequivocally moving and regretful during a same time.

“It was weird, unequivocally uncanny and bizarre how it happened with Lara.

“I indeed spent my pregnancy reading a second and third books, that was interesting!”

While Lara is usually 4 during a moment, Andrea says she skeleton to tell her daughter about a reasons behind her source when she is comparison – though maybe, she laughs “when she is in her 20s.”

Andrea is now partial of a fan organisation for Fifty Shades, that she describes as being “like a family.” She says she speaks plainly about her adore for a books, though does infrequently find people can conflict negatively or try and make fun of her.

“I will speak to friends about this and a lot of them trust we shouldn’t unequivocally speak about it. But this is a 21st century, we need to speak about things like this.”

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The subsequent book of a Fifty Shades array is out on Tuesday

While Andrea likes a sex scenes of a EL James novels, she pronounced she also loves a story of Fifty Shades and saying how a impression of Anastasia has developed.

“I adore a intrigue in a books and how opposite it was during a time when a initial one was released. The intrigue is usually fantastic. And we like a sex scenes.

“My partner indeed bought me a book. He knew unequivocally roughly what it was about. He didn’t review it though he used to ask me what it was about and we finished adult revelation him all a details. “

Andrea pronounced while she acknowledges some people can be vicious of a books, and she has had people try and make fun of her, she believes a array should give people some-more possibility to be open minded. She also believes that while some of a sex scenes have been criticised for a cooperative position Anastasia mostly appears in, a major thesis is that this is consensual.

“I consider we have to appreciate this in opposite ways,” she added. “Everybody has their opinions and we honour that. we consider there is a loyal definition during a heart of this. It’s cooperative though it is consensual. She is not doing anything she doesn’t wish to and if it is, she can stop it.”

Darker: Fifty Shades Darker as Told by Christian is published in paperback by Arrow on Tuesday 28 November, labelled £7.99. It is accessible for pre-order on Amazon .

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