‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’: The Ending Of The Film Revealed

February 9, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Want to know how a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ film will end? Well now we can! The final word of a film has only been released, and it competence warn you!

Nothing like a small debate to accompany a small heat. There has been some dispute over a Fifty Shades of Grey movie’s (sure to be infamous) finale between director Sam Taylor-Johnson and a author of a book on that a film is based, EL James. Actually, a argument came down to a movie’s really final word and you won’t trust a logic behind it.

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Ending Revealed

With a recover of Fifty Shades small days away, everybody seems to be articulate about a erotic film.

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However, a new proclamation has got a film generating debate before it even hits theaters.

Due to a final of author EL, a film will finish with Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) observant a word “stop” to Christian (Jamie Dornan), according to The Hollywood Reporter. However, if executive Sam had gotten her way, a film would’ve finished with a word “red,” a couple’s protected word.

So, what’s a disproportion between a two-monosyllable words? Well, maybe a few hundreds of millions of dollars.

Instead of finale ambiguously on “red,” “stop” really clearly lends itself to a possibility for furthering a story (in other words: sequels).

‘Fifty Shades’: Will There Be A Sequel?

Though a final word play competence warn some fans, if you’ve been following the Fifty Shades press during all, a news of a illusive supplement is zero we didn’t already know.

In an talk on The Today Show, Jamie and Dakota were asked as to either they’d be diversion for supplement films.

“A lot of people wish to know, are there going to be dual some-more films? You’re adult for it if there are dual some-more films?” Savannah Guthrie asked a two. “That’s really a idea, yeah,” Jamie said, that Dakota seemed to relate with nodding and a smile.

What do we guys think, would we wish to see Fifty Shades sequels?

– Casey Mink

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