‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ To Whip Up $60M – Weekend Box Office Preview

February 12, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Three years given a film rights were shopped around for a reported $5M, Universal Focus Features’ R-rated Fifty Shades Of Grey is finally opening in theaters in what many distrib sources design will be a $60M opening during 3,645 theaters over 4 days. Universal is looking during $50M, and is also unrolling a film day-and-date abroad where it could lift a tellurian weekend opening to $100M.

kingsmanHowever, Fifty Shades won’t possess a whole adult throng on a own. While a film formed on E.L. James best-selling novel and ebook is a surefire pull for women, and for couples on Valentines’ Day, 20th Century Fox is appealing to those group avoiding a fangirl film with Matthew Vaughn’s movement comic book adaptation Kingsman: The Secret Service, which is eyeing a weekend in a $20M operation over 3 days with a probable four-day of $30M.  

If moms aren’t totally distracted, than Paramount’s The SpongeBob Movie should post a decent dump of 40-45% from a $55.37M opening weekend, giving it $30M-$33M over FSS. Rentrak Theatrical is stating that kids K-12 will be off this Monday during a share of 87% while 35% of all college students will be on mangle for a Presidents Day holiday. Kingsman, despite a R-rating, is also display seductiveness from a 18-25 crowd. While 2008’s Sex And The City is one of a comps to Fifty Shades in terms of a all-femme pull ($57M opening, $152.6M domestic B.O.), some distrib sources consider that for a underneath 25 crowd, it will be a date film, and for a over 25, it will be a ‘girls night out film’. That relapse could boil down to Friday, when many women will conduct out, and Valentine’s Day that is looked during as a quintessential date night; in fact it’s a reason because Universal changed a film from a strange Aug 1, 2014 recover date.

Among R-rated amorous drama, Fifty Shades Of Grey stands to be an anomaly. In a past, Hollywood frequency built these forms of films for blockbuster success, and when they did, they were typically unfailing for arthouse success. Naughty transport like  9 1/2 Weeks, which many critics are referring to in their comment of Fifty Shades, only done $6.7M though was deliberate a cult fave with a ice brick stage (which Fifty Shades pays loyalty to). Other low-grossing arthouse erotica abounds, read Henry Jun ($11.6M), The Unbearable Lightness Of Being ($10M), however, dual star-studded, silken tough R sex dramas that perceived large vital studio launches were Paramount’s 1993 Demi Moore-Robert Redford title Indecent Proposal which done $106.6M, and 1999’s Tom Cruise-Nicole Kidman film Eye Wides Shut which warranted $55.7M. But Fifty Shades is an curiosity in that it is formed off of a bestselling fan-fueled literary authorization that has sole some-more than 100 million copies in 52 languages worldwide.

Fandango has reported record allege sheet sales opposite a heartland and a south; that is only jawdropping deliberation that a latter partial of a nation has typically ostracized NC-17 transport (Small theaters haven’t requisitioned it, and newspapers avoided graduation such titles). Granted, Fifty Shades is R-rated, though it’s a tough one. MovieTickets.com is stating that 42.3% of their Valentine’s Day sales are entrance from Fifty Shadeswith a pretension accounting for 28.3% on Friday, and 14.5% on Thursday previews. In a final 24 hours, 75% of all tickets sole by MovieTickets.com have been for Fifty Shades.

However, when Universal launched a initial Fifty Shades billboards in 5 cities a year ago with a tab line “Mr. Grey Will See You Now” one studio selling consultant observes “The debate was promoted tastefully and with category and spoke to a peculiarity of a story. It didn’t wandering into other areas where a R-rating would connote.”

While E.L. James has intent her 700K fans around Twitter via a prolongation of a film, what has been pivotal for Universal over a final year was broadening a assembly for Fifty Shades beyond a fans.  This was executed by regulating such cocktail icons as Beyonce, whose strain “Crazy in Love” was used to provoke out a initial trailer behind in July. RelishMix, that monitors a vital studios’ amicable media, reports that a early teaser topsy-turvy out 25M views with another 36M for Ellie Goulding’s Vevo video with a million views a day. Overall, RelishMix says that fans are reposting trailers, song videos and examination spots with sum views mountainous on YouTube during 314M. Fifty Shades counts almost 8 million Facebook fans – 7x a following of a book.

Even before a selling kicked in for Fifty Shades, the behind a scenes for this film has been a graduation in and of itself with fans following it closely. Deadline announced the behest for a pretension in Mar 2012. Soon after casting TV comedy array singer Dakota Johnson in Sep 2013, Universal announced that Sons Of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam had a lead purpose of Christian Grey.  However 40 days later, Hunnam exited a part.  Jamie Dornan, famous for his work as The Huntsman on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, landed a lead by late Oct 2013.

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