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May 14, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

In 10 Words or Less
If this is romance, intrigue is dead

Reviewer’s Bias*
Loves: A fun bad movie
Likes: Sexy good times
Dislikes: Female-focused anticipation romance
Hates: , Terrible writing, legitimately bad movies, this movie

The Movie
The observant goes, when life gives we lemons, make lemonade. What if life gives we a bag of excrement instead? And what if, instead of life delivering that bag, it’s author E.L. James? Director Sam Taylor-Johnson, who had graduated from short-film success with a John Lennon-focused Nowhere Boy, is a one who perceived that metaphorical bag when she took on a charge of bettering James’ blockbuster mommy-porn novel Fifty Shades of Grey. A intrigue novel cloaked in SM, it began life as fan-fiction and never rose above that spin of quality, yet somehow was embraced by readers who enjoyed a disturb of a book’s pithy naughtiness, and abandoned a finish miss of literary value. And with a kind of sales it generated, a film was certain to follow, many like a hitch of stomach pain that follows a dish of swell bombers during White Castle.

Fifty Shades tells a story of a ridiculously-named Anastasia Steele (Melanie Griffith/Don Johnson parent Dakota Johnson), a walking enactment of frumpy, who subs in one day to speak immature billionaire Christian Grey (second-choice Jamie Dornan) for her college newspaper. For some reason a film can’t be worried to consider about, this timber becomes spooky with Ana, and starts a passionate attribute with her, that eventually reveals itself to be a start of a dominant-submissive pairing, finish with a agreement plotpoint that rivals a trade negotiations in a initial partial of Star Wars in how it manages to drag down any appetite a film competence beget from carrying dual physically-attractive immature people crush their genitals together. Though Taylor-Johnson does broach a few unequivocally amorous moments between Christian and Ana, zero about those scenes unequivocally seem to pull any envelopes in terms of illusion play (not that a film’s core assembly would notice.)

If we can find it in yourself to caring about what happens between these dual (and honestly, not many of anything happens over a march of a film over some retort and some moments of melodrama), your mind will shortly be short-circuited by a nonsensical discourse and inane function on arrangement (as good as a brief, incomprehensible introduction of several characters that my mother informs me will usually be critical in a second and third films of a franchise, that means Marcia Gay Harden is radically on a sidelines here.) Christian regularly tells a starry-eyed Ana that he has no seductiveness in a regretful relationship, that all he wants from her is an agreement to be dominated, yet she keeps seeking since he won’t provide her like a girlfriend. Though she mostly agrees to what he wants, she strives to change him, creation a whole film deputy of a classical bad attribute that usually women would be peaceful to accept as probable even in a fantasy. That a culmination is an insult to anyone with a bad happening to lay by dual hours of salivate is a final straw, as it’s a kind of culmination that usually a film famous to be a partial of a trilogy could even try to get divided with.

Though a essay by Kelly Marcel (co-writer of Saving Mr. Banks) is pitiable during best, positively a outcome of adhering closely to a insidiously bad source material, there’s a genuine clarity of ability in other areas of a movie, be it Taylor-Johnson’s glorious work with The Avengers DP Seamus McGarvey (the sex scenes are meticulously shot), a sensuous set designs or a illusory strain (both from Danny Elfman and a well-curated soundtrack.) The whole thing reminded me of an evidence that once raged among my friends in college: can we make a film that’s so good in all a technical areas that a story has no outcome on a peculiarity of a film. All due honour to Godfrey Reggio, Fifty Shades of Grey proves that to be totally wrong. (Though we’ll see if Jem and a Holograms can tip it.)

For those extraordinary about a unrated cut of a film on this recover (the melodramatic is also here) it follows a common “unrated” trend, adding a few frames here and there, outward of a well-targeted pound of a roving stand and an swap ending, which, according to my source, is radically a overpass to a second film, yet is unequivocally would be nonessential if not for a awful melodramatic finale.

The Discs
The film arrives in a two-disc set, with a Blu-ray and a DVD, that are packaged in a standard-width, Blu-Ray keepcase, with an appealing matte-finished, foil-embossed slipcover that repeats a cover art. The Blu-ray facilities a customary Universal bend menu, with options to watch a film, name scenes, adjust a set-up and check out a extras. Audio options embody an English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lane and French and Spanish DTS Digital Surround 5.1 tracks, as good as a DVS 2.0 track, while subtitles are accessible in English SDH, French and Spanish.

The Quality
Taylor Johnson and company’s work on this film positively gets a amatory display interjection to this 2.40:1, AVC-encoded transfer, that is aces opposite a board, with lush, suitable hues (the abyss of tone on a frequently-present wooden surfaces is only beautiful), superb glorious fact (you’ll have a glorious appreciation for a handcrafting of Christian’s toys) and deep, plain black levels that make a darker sex scenes work definitely well. This film piles on a prolongation value, and this smoothness creates certain it all shines, with no issues with digital distractions gumming adult a works. Turn off a sound, and a film becomes during slightest 50 percent better.

Speaking of a sound, a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio lane does a glorious pursuit with a film’s mix. Far from a many severe of film’s aurally, as many scenes are only discourse and charming music, punctuated by a occasional sound effect, yet when called upon, utterly in throng scenes, a approximate brew is effective, with substantial windy participation in a surrounds and good subdivision between a transparent discourse and clever music. A good display all around of a plain right-down-the-middle mix.

The Extras
Up initial is an additional many people have seen online, a 29-second teaser for a supplement Fifty Shades Darker. There’s not many of anything to it, generally if we examination a book.

The biggest additional is “The World of Fifty Shades of Grey” a set of 16 brief featurettes, distant into 3 categories: Christian, Ana and Friends and Family. Running a total 46:19, a pieces, that cover characters, actors, habit and sets, normal about dual to 3 mins each, and underline interviews, on-set footage and up-close looks during a garments from a film (this set knows a audience.)

“Behind a Shades” is a long-form featurette (19:28), charity an overview of a creation of a movie, with info on bettering a book, sharpened locations, traffic with fans and prolongation details, like a feign name a film was filmed under. With copiousness of interviews and set clips, it’s a plain demeanour behind a scenes.

Naturally, a lady behind a materialisation gets her possess spin in a spotlight, as “E.L. James and Fifty Shades” (5:45) focuses on her book, her story and a fandom that’s finished her such a financial success. For someone who loves good writing, it’s some-more than a small upsetting.

The whole SM thesis wasn’t abandoned in a extras, as a 8:42 “Fifty Shades: The Pleasure of Pain” introduces Liam Heder, who served as a BDSM consultant on a film. He talks about a accumulation of topics associated to a film, including props, manners and pledge interest, with Harden and thespian Rita Ora agreeable in as well. For anyone unknowingly of this world, it should be a bit eye-opening. They should have reached out to someone who didn’t work on a film yet to demonstrate a unfortunate opinion a film engendered in a BDSM community.

An peculiar small additional for a obsessives out there is found in “Christian’s Apartment: 360 Degree Set Tour,” a set of 9 breathtaking images of locations from a film, that spin when we name a prompt. Embedded in a panoramas are markers with concede we to perspective associated photographs, that uncover props, operation photos and unequivocally ungainly acted photos of a stars. The biggest reward here is a spin of fact in a photos, that let we conclude a handcrafting of Christian’s toys.

Musical tie-ins are a thesis of a remaining extras, that includes dual strain videos, one for Skylar Grey’s “I Know You” (5:05) and one for The Weeknd’s “Earned It” (4:40). Grey’s lane is matched by a video, as a lifeless ballad gets a lifeless video display her behaving on a stage, accompanied by a piano, shot from many angles. “Earned It” is distant improved from both perspectives, as a slow-burn RB jam fits a film well, and a video, that facilities a unit of SM themed mime dancers, is engaging to watch. When we check out a “Behind a Scenes of “Earned It”” featurette (4:40), you’ll comprehend that’s since Taylor-Johnson shot a video, as she and The Weeknd speak about a origins of a strain and a thought behind a video, including a change of Cabaret.

Also enclosed is a formula for an Ultraviolet stream/download.

The Bottom Line
The pivotal emanate with Fifty Shades of Grey is a writing, and deliberation that a film is formed on an definitely terrible novel and was dictated especially to interest to that book’s substantial and constant fanbase, it unequivocally had no possibility for cinematic peculiarity from a get-go. Watching a well-filmed film like this, one thinks that maybe a group behind this rubbish of pixels could have finished something definitely good if a story it tells was decent by any design measure. However, we can’t order taste. This Blu-ray has a unenviable charge of resplendent a turd, and achieves that goal, with an glorious display and a healthy sip of extras that are expected to interest to those who somehow suffer a movie. For everybody else, there is a slight volume of so-bad-it’s-good during work, yet not adequate to lift by a dual hour runtime.

Francis Rizzo III is a local Long Islander, where he works in academia. In his gangling time, he enjoys examination hockey, essay and spending time with his wife, daughter and puppy.

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