‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ observation sparks conflict during Northwoods school

April 4, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Christa Reinert of Mercer was slapped with a confining sequence final month, indicted of badgering a clergyman and manager who rented a sexploitation film “Fifty Shades of Grey” for a carful of high propagandize girls. Reinert says a accusations are domestic and that a clergyman sought a court’s insurance usually after she announced her candidacy for propagandize board.

The Mercer School District in Iron County is inextricable in a in one of a some-more quarrelsome propagandize house races in new memory.

Erik Torkelson

By Annysa Johnson of a Journal Sentinel

A preference by dual high propagandize volleyball coaches — one a teacher, a other a propagandize house member — to uncover a sexploitation filmFifty Shades of Grey” to a carful of teenage girls has plunged a little city in northern Wisconsin into a quarrelsome and rarely personal propagandize house race.

Mercer High School primogenitor and propagandize house claimant Christa Reinert was slapped with a confining sequence final month, indicted of badgering Robyn Schoeneman, a clergyman who — along with propagandize house member Kelly Kohegyi — authorised members of a girls volleyball group to watch a film on a highway outing to a tournament.

Schoeneman describes Reinert in justice annals as a flighty brag who has waged a seven-month debate of “harassment, danger and slander” in an bid to get her fired.

Reinert denies a accusations and calls them politically motivated. She says Schoeneman sought a court’s insurance usually after Reinert announced her candidacy in January, and that a clergyman did so during a propelling of Mercer School Board President Deanna Pierpont — one of dual possibilities adult for re-election Tuesday.

“They’re perplexing to denounce me and keep me from being on a propagandize house given we don’t see eye-to-eye with a administration on grading and other issues,” pronounced Reinert, who runs Flambeau Flowage Sports and a adjacent Looney Beans Coffee shops on Highway 51, a categorical drag by this Iron County city of 1,400.

Reinert insists she binds no passion toward Schoeneman — she points to a accessible texts they’ve exchanged in new months — yet says a propagandize district mishandled a film incident. And she thinks Schoeneman is being used in a approach that lets Kohegyi off a hook.

“There’s some-more going on here,” Reinert pronounced of her ongoing concerns about a district, that embody bullying and a miss of transparency. “But this (film) was a straw that pennyless a camel’s back.”

Schoeneman, who is deliberation filing a lawsuit, according to her petition, declined to comment, referring questions to her attorney, Daniel Snyder. He did not respond to steady requests for comment. Pierpont and Kohegyi also did not respond. Mercer Principal and Administrator Erik Torkelson pronounced he would pronounce about usually Mercer’s acclamation from a state for a efforts to tighten feat gaps and foster effective teaching, training and good governance.

Beyond close-knit

Mercer, billed as a “loon collateral of a world,” is a little city in southern Iron County whose lakes and forests pull vacationers and outside enthusiasts many of a year. The city is home to a little Mercer School District, that serves about 140 students in kindergarten by 12th class in a singular school.

Current and former residents report a city as close-knit, overly so, where many families are associated by blood or by marriage. Torkelson, for example, is a son-in-law of propagandize house member and manager Kohegyi. And Schoeneman, who teaches fourth-through-sixth-grade scholarship and health, grew adult with his mom and was a bridesmaid in their wedding.

Transplants, they contend — even those like Reinert, who’ve lived there for decades — tend to be noticed with suspicion.

“If we weren’t innate here, you’re an outsider,” pronounced Dick Kemplin, a late Chicago executive who has lived in a village full time for 20 years and has tangled with a propagandize house over taxes and transparency.

“When we spoke during a propagandize house meeting, a man told me to ‘go behind to Arizona where we came from,'” pronounced Kemplin, a Reinert supporter. “I was usually there once, in 1950 on a couple sight streamer for a Korean War.”

Road outing film

The debate surrounding a film stems from Aug 2015, when Schoeneman and Kohegyi gathering a girls volleyball group to Oconto Falls, en track to a contest in Crivitz.

According to justice records, Schoeneman gathering a freshmen and Kohegyi carted a juniors and seniors.

Schoeneman says a comparison girls picked out a film during a internal grocery store and that she primarily objected. They argued that everybody in a automobile was possibly 17 — a age extent for an R-rated film — or had already seen it. She concluded to lease it, yet pronounced it would be adult to Kohegyi either they could watch it. They did, she said, with headphones on, in a behind of Kohegyi’s Suburban.

The 2015 film was formed on a blockbuster erotica trilogy that featured a sadomasochistic passionate escapades of a immature lady and her psychologically manipulative lover. The books, widely derided as feeble created “mommy porn,” were criminialized by some libraries and drew protests from women’s organizations that called it misogynistic.

“At no time was any lady in my automobile theme to a calm of a movie, or contention about a movie,” Schoeneman says in her petition.

Reinert, whose 14-year-old daughter rode in Schoeneman’s car, disputes that yet says it misses a point.

“There’s usually no place for it with kids,” pronounced Reinert, who called a film spiritless to women.

“If they told we they smoked a corner and had sex with their boyfriends, would we let them do it again? It’s environment a fashion for bad behavior… and condoning it,” she said.

According to a twin of a two-hour confining sequence conference before Iron County Circuit Judge Patrick Madden, a girls who noticed a video were 16 and 17. Torkelson, a propagandize administrator, testified that he spoke with a relatives of all of those girls and that they “had 0 emanate with a incident.”

He pronounced Schoeneman and Kohegyi were scrupulously disciplined, yet conjunction he nor Schoeneman would contend what that involved.

Kohegyi did not respond to requests for critique and did not attest during a hearing.

Schoeneman says Reinert has indicted her of committing sex crimes opposite children by renting a film for them, and insists she is behind one of a unknown letters sent to Sheriff Tony Furyk perfectionist he investigate.

Torkelson testified during a conference that a distress has taken a fee on a propagandize and Schoeneman.

“We’ve had a successful and colourful staff member who has turn a bombard of her former self.”

Reinert admits promulgation Schoeneman the state supervision that describes a act of exposing children underneath 18 to damaging material — including intimately specific calm — as a felony. But she denies pursuit her a sex delinquent or essay a letters to a sheriff.

Her issue, she says, is that a propagandize district rubbed a matter in secret.

“I told her to review a statute…. we never once pragmatic that she should be discharged or they should be prosecuted,” Reinert said. “My indicate was that they were pulling it underneath a carpet and behaving like it’s no large deal. And it is a large deal.”

Reinert, who represented herself during a confining sequence hearing, has given cumulative an attorney. He filed motions final week seeking Madden to recur his preference and report a new trial, observant new justification has emerged proof Reinert didn’t write a unknown minute to a sheriff: a sealed confirmation from a author.

Even if she had, it would not consecrate harassment, pronounced profession Anthony Stella, given it’s “a legitimate practice of giveaway debate by a endangered citizen.”

Stella also questions how Torkelson could have trained Kohegyi, his mother-in-law and employer.

“In what anticipation universe can a district administrator… fortify his possess boss?” he says in one of a filings.

Reinert insists that she and her family are a ones being harassed. She says her beginner daughter has been needled by a volleyball captains and singled out for critique by a coaches given her mom began vocalization up. And in February, Reinert says, she perceived an unknown pouch in a mail. In it were open-enrollment forms — a idea that she pierce her freshmen twins to another propagandize district.

Two days after a confining sequence was issued, Torkelson called a military on Reinert when she brought her children’s lunches to a school.

Sheriff’s investigation

The Iron County Sheriff’s Office did examine a occurrence involving a film, yet Lt. Paul Samardich pronounced he interviewed usually Torkelson and not a relatives of a teen girls. He did not suggest charges, observant it was a “matter for a propagandize administration to understanding with, and it appears they have finished so.”

This isn’t a initial debate to overflow a Mercer School District.

The house was admonished final year by Iron County District Attorney Marty Lipske for violating state open meetings law dual years earlier.

In 2014, a internal blogger, Richard Thiede, sued a district for suggesting he was tied to a ostensible hacking of a district’s email complement — a crack a district after certified never occurred, according to news accounts.

This year, the Lakeland Times journal gave a district a D-minus in transparency in a underline imprinting Sunshine Week, an annual beginning directed during compelling honesty in government.

It’s also not a initial time Reinert has been theme to a confining order, or that Schoeneman’s visualisation has been called into question.

A county runner performed a confining sequence opposite Reinert in 2005 over comments she done after Reinert’s father was harmed in a motorcycle accident.

Schoeneman was discharged in 2009 over an occurrence during a comparison outing to Florida, that she co-chaperoned with afterwards propagandize house member Shannon Hiller. Schoeneman was rehired, yet Hiller mislaid his chair in a recall.

Schoeneman went on to sue another propagandize house member and his wife, a associate teacher, accusing them of insult and interfering with her pursuit for statements they done about a incident. The lawsuit was discharged with no financial settlement.

Others interviewed by a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel contend Reinert can be tough, outspoken, even strident — “She hunts bears with bows and arrows,” pronounced Thiede, a supporter. But they pronounced they also took emanate with a display of a film, and concluded with Reinert that many people are fearful to pronounce up.

“Families in this city are so intertwined — if you’re not happy with something, you’re not going to hang your neck out,” Reinert said. “I did it given I’m sleepy of it.”

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