‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Wasn’t Too Spicy for Audi Partnership

April 10, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Audi found itself in a huffy conditions when Universal Pictures announced skeleton to furnish a film formed on “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

The German automaker’s oppulance cars get lofty shoutouts via E.L. James’ erotic book — to a indicate where a vehicles are tract points. It was James’ artistic decision, a approach Stephenie Meyer had so prominently created Volvos into her “Twilight” series.

In fact, a cars are a signature member of business aristocrat Christian Grey’s high-end lifestyle, alongside his private jet and helicopter.

The passionate situations and much-discussed scenes of subjugation would have incited off many marketers. Yet for Audi, cocktail enlightenment has played a pivotal purpose in how a organisation connects with consumers.

After scoring with a “Transformers” films, and Marvel Studios’ superhero adventures by carrying Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark expostulate an R8 sports automobile a approach James Bond drives an Aston Martin, Audi has been means to significantly lift a form while augmenting sales during a same time.

With “Fifty Shades,” “there was some trepidation,” admits Loren Angelo, executive of selling for Audi of America, who is obliged for Audi’s altogether code picture in a U.S.

Angelo will take partial in a keynote review on Apr 10 during Variety’s Massive: The Entertainment Marketing Summit hold during a Four Seasons during Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. Other speakers embody Michelle Hooper, exec VP, marketing, Fox Searchlight, and Ricky Strauss, president, marketing, a Walt Disney Studios.

Any concerns Audi had fast dead when it started examining a recognition of a “Fifty Shades” array and started listening to a gibberish surrounding a novels. With over 45 million copies of a initial book circuitous adult in a hands of readers, “it became this informative phenomenon,” Angelo says. “There was clearly a line in that we had to be discreet in your communication (supporting a film) though we as a code were clearly represented in this universe of high-end complicated luxury.”

That was something Audi only couldn’t omit — in further to a final by James that Universal safeguard that Audi seem in a film, as partial of her parsimonious artistic control over a prolongation and a intensity sequels.

With “Fifty Shades” earning $559 million during a worldwide box office, charity adult a R8, as good as a A7 and A3 sedans, to a prolongation was clearly a risk value taking. So was producing several online films that were tied to “Fifty Shades,” including a humorous short, that has been noticed some-more than 3 million times, with “Saturday Night Live’s” Vanessa Bayer.

“We’ve done a code really clever in a U.S. by aligning with informative phenomenons,” Angelo says. “It’s what sets we detached in a impulse and time.”

Up next: A lofty formation in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Audi, however, sees films as a member of a altogether Hollywood strategy.

Its vehicles also frequently seem in ABC’s “Modern Family,” and a film and TV chronicle of “The Transporter,” for example.

“The radio and film space have been a extensive height to strech audiences and lift a recognition about what Audi is on a inhabitant and tellurian scale,” Angelo says.

Yet Audi also has embraced other cocktail enlightenment events like a Golden Globes and a Emmys, a latter by a organisation with a Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. It has prolonged kicked off both events with celebrity-studded pre-parties and red runner placements that uncover off a company’s products.

In addition, it sponsors Elton John’s annual Oscars celebration and fundraiser for AIDS investigate and has corroborated a AFI Film Festival for a past 12 years.

To make all of that activity compensate off, however, takes some-more than only a trademark on a step-and-repeat house or a blurb during a broadcast.

Over a years, Audi has deftly incited to PMK BNC to furnish brief films featuring talent like Claire Danes, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto, that were distributed on YouTube and other platforms and tapped into a awards shows, a lapse of “Homeland” or a recover of a “Star Trek” film.

Audi isn’t approaching to put a party plan in park anytime soon.

“When we demeanour behind during a expansion of a Audi code over a past 8 years, it’s really many paralleled with a integrations and relations in a Hollywood community,” Angelo says. “We reflect what Audi stands for — a on-going complicated code — with a partnerships we develop.”

Naturally, Audi is regulating party as a approach to foster a products. Audi was a world’s second many renouned oppulance brand, behind BMW, with sales augmenting 10.5% in 2014.

Stateside, it will demeanour to boost numbers by regulating a Emmys this year to foster a new A3 e-tron hybrid, for example, a approach it used a uncover and Super Bowl commercials to surveillance a diesel engines in a past.
As for a lapse to “Fifty Shades,” with a designed sequel, “we’ll have to see where a review goes with a studio,” Angelo says. “The conveyor doorway is not sealed on that only yet.” Pun intended. “We don’t have anything to contend only yet.”

If Audi left “Fifty Shades” — or upheld on a subsequent Marvel film — it would open adult a event for another oppulance code to step in.

“With many of these programs, there’s a turn of coherence that we wish to have,” Angelo says. “You wish to be there for audiences over and over again to make certain your code has a right turn of awareness. It drives a summary home.”

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