Fifty Shades of Grey’s Director Opens Up About Why She Didn’t Come Back for a Second Film

June 19, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey‘s executive Sam Taylor-Johnson didn’t lapse to approach a second film in a series, yet she’s entrance behind with her new series, Gypsy. The Netflix strange stars Naomi Watts as a therapist who gets too concerned in her patients’ lives, and it premieres on a streaming use on Jun 30.

To foster a show, Taylor-Johnson is creation a broadside rounds, and opening adult about since she didn’t pointer on for Fifty Shades Darker. As we many remember, many trust it’s since a executive famously didn’t get along with a books’ author, E.L. James.

Speaking with the Hollywood Reporter, Taylor-Johnson common that even yet Fifty Shades of Grey pennyless box bureau records, she was incompetent to find a pursuit after.

“There weren’t any flat-out [job] offers true away,” she told a paper. “It was ego-denting, that might not have been a bad thing. At a same time, we was like, ‘Oh, we still have to keep fighting for stuff.’ we only suspicion it was going to come a lot easier.”

Taylor-Johnson common that there was creatively a “tentative plan” for her to approach Fifty Shades Darker, yet that fell detached since of her attribute with Erika, aka E.L. James.

“There was a indeterminate devise that we would be concerned with a following two,” she said. “[But a studio] wanted to see how a initial one went before any discussion. It went good in terms of box office. But reduction good with my attribute with Erika.”

After that experience, Taylor-Johnson pronounced she was discouraged, and couldn’t even remember that she was in a using to approach Captain Marvel.

She common that she spent time meditating, spent time with her kids, took photographs, and generally did a things she didn’t have time to do when she was in prolongation on Fifty Shades.

Thankfully her new uncover is also a “sexy psychological thriller told in a wealthy visible style.” Well, that sounds familiar.

“There’s an amorous inlet to it,” she said, “but it’s not during all in a identical approach to Fifty Shades. It’s about a character’s energy as a lady and how she uses it in her practice. It’s complex. Her passionate desires and where she lands is not guessable. It’s engaging to see where it takes her.”

Gypsy premieres on Netflix on Jun 30.

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