Fifty Shades of Grey’s Future in a Balance – Can Darker Turn Things Around?

November 17, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

If it’s loyal that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, Fifty Shades Darker has been roving a design of a really profitable call these past few months, with everybody from a press to fans of a uncover left to theory during a destiny of a argumentative franchise. If we deconstruct what’s indeed happened – or not happened – given Fifty Shades of Grey was expelled to intermediate vicious accepting though clever success commercially behind in Feb of this year, there’s been zero to actively advise that a film array is in difficulty – though conjecture about things going wrong before prolongation has even begun on supplement Fifty Shades Darker has been a repeated thesis in a time since.

This week, it was reported by a always-reliable Variety that Darker will fire back-to-back with a third film in a series, Fifty Shades Freed, for a recover in 2017 and one year later. That’s intelligent – keep a movement going – though is dual years between Grey and Darker too prolonged a wait for a second film to find an assembly outward of a core fanbase?

“I have no shame…”

One of a repeated criticisms of Grey from that film’s some-more outspoken critics is that lead stars Dakota Johnson (as Ana) and Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) lacked a claim chemistry to make a executive attribute believable, and that a sex scenes were tame compared with those found in a book – though a new talk with Johnson suggests that Darker, with James Foley in a director’s seat, competence demeanour to residence that:

I don’t have any problem doing anything. The tip is we have no shame. we consider there’s a partial of a lady that wants to be a thing that breaks a male down.

I’ve argued in a past that holding a some-more obscene proceed to sex scenes competence do this authorization a universe of good, so it’s good to hear that Johnson is diversion for whatever a book asks of her and Dornan. But what’s maybe some-more engaging is that her criticism suggests she found layers of abyss in a books that didn’t interpret into a initial film. Perhaps a change of executive could be a apparatus to move those inlet to a aspect in Darker.

You won't be saying this group again...
You won’t be saying this group again…

Speaking to Empire, Johnson also addressed a switch of directors post-Grey:

There was a impulse of being afraid, since we didn’t know what it was going to be like. we had an knowledge with Sam [Taylor-Johnson] and afterwards that all went away. Now I’m excited. we consider James is a gifted filmmaker. How mostly do we get to reassemble with a same people and have a opposite spin?

An apparent comparison to pull is with a Twilight franchise, that ditched a initial film’s director, Catherine Hardwicke, in time for supplement New Moon, that was helmed by Chris Weitz. As it happened, New Moon turned out to be a most defective film to a first, sketch some-more strongly disastrous vicious reviews notwithstanding being a financial success. The ideal conditions for Darker would be instead to build on what Grey achieved – it wasn’t indeed mauled by critics, that is something – and emanate a some-more desirous authorization than a books. Both Johnson and Dornan are positively able of desirable audiences, nonetheless it would be good if they could arise some-more of a frisson with any other on-screen.

I’ve pronounced it before: we don’t consider Fifty Shades Darker is in any sold trouble. In an ideal world, audiences wouldn’t have had to wait dual years between a initial film and a second – a universe moves during a quick pace, and by Spring 2017 there’ll be a new prohibited materialisation in a literary universe overshadowing Grey – though nonetheless this is a authorization with a fanbase large adequate to overcome a wait. The genuine plea will be upping a peculiarity in Darker, and hopefully that’s a plea Dornan and co are prepared to arise to. (Not a pun.)

What’s your take on Fifty Shades Darker? Is dual years too prolonged to wait for a sequel, or is this media hype only a charge in a teacup? Share your thoughts in a comments.

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