Fifty Shades of Grey’s Screenwriter Still Hasn’t Seen a Movie

June 10, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The behind-the-scenes play associated to a Fifty Shades of Grey film authorization continues to be leagues some-more layered and energetic than what seemed on shade in a film. Kelly Marcel, who was hired to write a screenplay for Fifty Shades of Grey, sat down for Bret Easton Ellis’s podcast progressing this week, where she discussed utterly frankly what went on during a growth and prolongation of a film (amusingly, when Marcel was brought on in 2012, Ellis, who had been anticipating to get a gig, tweeted his frustration with a choice).

Marcel told Ellis that she had had a most some-more artistic and brave idea for how a book should be conceptualized. She pronounced she had voiced that to a studio and “they were unequivocally eager about that and kind of desired a things we wanted to do.” For starter’s, Marcel wanted to structure a story in nonlinear fashion, so that it began “at a finish of a film.” She explained her initial vision: “So we start with a spanking, and we have these arrange of flashes that go via a film . . . we wanted to take a middle enchantress out, and all of Ana’s middle digression . . . we wanted to mislay a lot of a dialogue. we felt it could be a unequivocally voluptuous film if there wasn’t so most articulate in it.”

But, as we know if you’ve seen a film, this is not how it finished adult personification out. Marcel pronounced that when she incited in her version, E.L. James, a author of a books, said, “This isn’t what we wish it to be, and we don’t consider this is a film a fans are looking for.” She pronounced they eventually finished adult with a chronicle that was a “halfway compromise,” between what she was aiming for and what James wanted. (“Ultimately, Erika did have all of a control,” Marcel noted.)

Marcel also spoke about James’s attrition with executive Sam Taylor-Johnson (“There was a impulse where we were weeks divided from sharpened . . . and it was transparent that that was going to be a struggle”), as good as initial Christian Grey Charlie Hunnam’s departure (“I know that he felt that a impression of Christian wasn’t there for him in a approach that he indispensable him to be.”).

All of this in mind, it’s not too startling that Marcel motionless she didn’t wish to watch a tangible film when it came out. “My heart unequivocally was damaged by that process, we unequivocally meant it,” she said. “I don’t see it out of any kind of sourness or annoy or anything like that. we only don’t feel like we can watch it but feeling some pain about how opposite it is to what we primarily wrote.”

The supplement to Fifty Shades of GreyFifty Shades Darkerwill be created by James’s husband, Niall Leonard.

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