‘Fifty shades’ of Pole Pedal Paddle teamwork

May 17, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

BEND, Ore. –

By now, many everybody has listened of and maybe review and/or seen a book and movie, “Fifty Shades of Gray.”

Saturday afternoon, NewsChannel 21 was introduced to a 6 women who teamed adult underneath a name “Fifty Shades of Grey Hair” as they embarked on their really initial U.S. Bank Pole Pedal Paddle.

“To me it’s like, a approach we spin a partial of Bend is if we do a PPP,” pronounced organisation member Anne LaFerriere.

Which stirred 6 women to pointer adult for a race. Step one to entering a PPP: Come adult with a crafty organisation name.

“We were entrance adult with something, and some of us have gray hair, some of us don’t — though we grew gray hair,” Lili Alpaugh said.

“This is a usually day of my life that I’ve ever been happy to have gray hair,” Margaret Martin pronounced afterward, with a laugh.

Fifty Shades of Grey Hair” competence have faced 50-to-1 contingency to win a race, though that wasn’t going to stop them.

“We only decided, we know what, during a age, let’s only dive in,” Martin said.

So dive in they did. Starting with Alpaugh, who took caring of a pedal apportionment of a race.

“You only keep plugging away,” Alpaugh said. “If it’s 10 or 11 or 12 mph, we keep going and pulling a subsequent rigging — and perplexing to keep breathing.”

Once Alpaugh got off a bike, it was associate “grey hair” LaFerriere’s spin to stay with a pack.

“All a people who we passed, we stayed in front of, so we didn’t get re-passed,” LaFerriere said. “So that was a vital accomplishment.”

Every good PPP organisation also needs an anchor. Martin competence not have had a many perfectionist task, though it competence have been a many important.

“It was awesome,” Martin said. “I mean, all their tough work, and we get all a glory.”

Once they finished a race, like any other organisation of Bendites, they enjoyed some ice-cold brew.

With one competition underneath their belt, don’t be repelled if we see a grey subsequent year.

“We indeed designed on this to be only fun, though now we’re all checking a times–we competence sight subsequent year,” Martin said.

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