‘Fifty Shades’ To ‘Pitch Perfect’: Universal Wins When It Bets On Women

January 3, 2018 - Fifty Shades of Grey


Fifty Shades Freed’

Two pieces of companion news. First, we got a second trailer for Fifty Shades Freed yesterday. There is a lot some-more subjugation sex this time out along with a common resources porn and indifferent thriller tropes. Considering a initial dual films warranted a total $952 million worldwide on a total bill of $95m, I’m flattering certain that a third Dakota Johnson/Jamie Dornan regretful melodrama could make 0 dollars ($0.00) during a domestic box bureau and 0 dollars ($0.00) during a worldwide box bureau and a trilogy itself would still be a win. That’s a good thing about close-ended franchises. At some point, you’ can be so distant forward that you’re a leader even if we don’t uncover up. And in associated news, Pitch Perfect has crossed $500m worldwide on a total bill (among 3 films) of $91m.

All of this is a devious approach of observant that Universal/Comcast Corp., as a studio that distributes movies, tends to do unequivocally good when it bets on mid-budget, female-driven programmers. Heck, going behind to a first Pitch Perfect just over 5 years ago, their batting normal in terms of female-led cinema has been frighteningly close to 1.00.

There are a few exceptions. Endless Love made $35 million worldwide on a $20m bill in Feb of 2014. Late 2015 had a triple sniff starting with Blumhouse’s catastrophic microbudget Jem and a Holograms made only $2.33m on a $5m budget. We can discuss whether By a Sea even depends ($3.3m on a $10m budget), as a Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt New Wave reversion was clearly a “one for me” that was A) never going to be a strike and B)  was arguably a downpayment on Jolie theoretically personification a pretension impression in The Bride of Frankenstein. And yeah Crimson Peak was a big-budget bust ($75m on a $55m budget) in late 2015Melissa McCarthy’s The Boss was a slight underperformer, earning $73m worldwide on a $29m budget, though that’s still a plain 2.5x a budget.

But otherwise, going behind to Oct of 2012, and by a subsequent 5 years, as a studio got divided from a likes of Battleship and toward a likes of Trainwreck, their female-driven line-up (whether or not we count Les Miserables) has been among their many unchanging so far. They’ve had Identity Thief and Mama in 2013, that finished a lot some-more income than R.I.P.D. or 47 Ronin. They had Lucy and Oujia in 2014, that achieved improved than Dracula Untold. They unequivocally doubled-down in 2015 and reaped a rewards, earning large bucks from a likes of Jennifer Lopez’s The Boy Next DoorFifty Shades of GreyUnfriended, Pitch Perfect 2Jurassic World, Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck and a Tina Fey/Amy Poehler comedy Sisters, which some-more than dull a failures of JemCrimson Peak and By a Sea.

Warcraft, Pop Star and The Huntsman: Winter’s War (which kicked Snow White out of her possess franchise) were busts in 2016. But My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, ($88 million worldwide on an $18m budget) Bridget Jones’ Baby ($211m/$35m), The Girl on a Train ($173m/$45m) and Oujia: Origins of Evil ($81m/$9m) were all good-to-great performers on a reasonable budget. And this year saw The  Mummy and The Snowman dying badly, while Split ($275m/$9m), Fifty Shades Darker ($376m/$55m), Girls Trip ($139m/$19m), Happy Death Day ($115m/$5m) and Pitch Perfect 3 ($100m-and-counting/$45m) all kicked particular box bureau butt.

 Even Focus Features has finished comparatively good with a likes of Atomic Blonde ($95 million worldwide), The Beguiled ($27m), Victoria and Abdul ($65m worldwide) and The Zookeeper’s Wife ($23m). We can discuss to what extent Jurassic World or The Visit count as female-led, ditto a two-hander like Split. But, altogether and with a common caveats (yes, some of these cinema are improved than others), Universal charity a torrent of female-led mainstream releases has been both impossibly essential and a large reason as to because they have been so rival in a IP-driven authorization era.


‘Pitch Perfect 3’

That doesn’t meant they haven’t been mostly lacking in employing womanlike directors, even for the Fifty Shades sequels or cinema like Sisters and The Girl on a Train. But they, along with Walt Disney, have positively satisfied that betting on mainstream cinema that occur to star women, and treating them not like counterprogramming though as large understanding releases, is a conflicting of a unsure business. These films aren’t always large business, though they have remained, roughly to a tee, a consistently good business that creates large profits.

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