Frankie Boyle dismisses ‘Fifty Shades of Grey version’ of womanlike ransom in …

April 8, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Writing in a Guardian in support of Sturgeon’s process about retirement, Boyle argued: “There is still a note of pale fear in a English media about women heading domestic parties.

“People feel many some-more gentle with a Fifty Shades of Grey chronicle of women’s liberation: presumably feeling life would be many easier if a suffragettes hadn’t wanted a opinion and only unequivocally enjoyed chaining themselves to railings.”


Boyle argues that Sturgeon, who won open capitulation after a clever opening during a Leaders’ Debate, is not nonetheless being taken wholly severely by a male-dominated, London-centric domestic and media elite.

“It feels roughly as if a investiture is still assessing her. Which of a normal strategy to employ: ridicule or vilification? Do we call her a many dangerous lady in Britain or theatre a allegation where she’s a gossipy woman? Decisions, decisions.”

Boyle is an outspoken censor of worried politicians, and once called Nigel Farage a “c**t” in an evidence about either comedy was too left-leaning.

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