French malign TF1 display Fifty Shades of Grey with sex scenes cut

December 14, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

France’s categorical TV channel has been criticised for stealing 15 mins of sex scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey to promote a film before a watershed.

Viewers voiced annoy during a censorship, that many described as an aspersion to France’s magnanimous values. Some pronounced that a film should have been shown in full after a 10.30pm watershed, others that it was amply tame by French standards to be deliberate family observation and shown before.

One pronounced that Fifty Shades of Grey but sex was like Harry Potter but a wand. Another pronounced it was like examination Titanic and not saying a ship sink. TF1 showed it during 9pm on Sunday.

It was given a 12 certificate in French cinema. It was an 18 in Britain.

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