Friday Box Office: ‘Lego Batman,’ ‘Fifty Shades’ And ‘John Wick 2’ Spank The Newbies

February 18, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades Darker’ picture pleasantness of Universal

In holdover news, we have an peculiar conditions where all 3 underwhelming newbies come from studios with during slightest one large strike now in a marketplace with another expected win on a way.

The tip film on Friday and presumably over a whole holiday weekend is The LEGO Batman Movie. The Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. recover warranted $7.55 million (-48%) on a second Friday bringing a eight-day sum to $72.121m. Comparatively, The LEGO Movie dropped 25% on a second Friday, nonetheless to be satisfactory there were (again) heartless storms yesterday and there was a reduction big-scale calm in a marketplace around this time behind in 2014.

We can design a $30.1 million (-43%) Fri-Sun weekend and a $38m Fri-Mon transport for a $80m charcterised comedy. That will give it a $103m 11-day cume. The film indeed trailed Fifty Shades Darker and John Wick: Chapter 2 for most of a week, so (understandably) it’s personification as a kids-specific attraction. It’s not a blow-out like The LEGO Movie, though it’s still a strike generally if it can match/exceed a $211m that The LEGO Movie made overseas.

Universal/Comcast Corp.’s Fifty Shades Darker earned $6.78 million (-68%) on a second Friday, that is an distinct decrease for a frontloaded and fan-driven franchise. They got their dictated Valentine’s Day boost on Tuesday so a $19.47m (-58%) second weekend and $22.3m holiday transport will give a $55m amorous play a $91m domestic total. So yeah, it’s not going to strike a $166m cume of Fifty Shades of Grey, though it has somewhat improved legs and should take a run during $125-$130m domestic. Considering a abroad intensity and a fact that there is only one film left in a franchise, that’s a win.

John Wick: Chapter 2 held a possess on a second Friday, earning $4.17 million (-62%) for a expected $15m (-50%) second weekend, $17.7m holiday support and $60m 11-day total. The film upheld a whole $43m domestic cume of a first John Wick yesterday and it shouldn’t have most of a problem flitting $80m domestic, during that indicate it will be Keanu Reeves’ biggest domestic earner given The Matrix Revolutions ($139m) and Something’s Gotta Give ($124m) in late 2003. Now we’ll only see if a Summit/Lionsgate movement supplement can unequivocally mangle large abroad a second time out.

Universal and Blumhouse’s Split had another absurd hold, earning $1.896 million (-29%) on a fifth Friday for what will expected be a $6.883m (-28%) Fri-Sun/$7.94m Fri-Mon weekend. That will give a M. Night Shyamalan chiller a $124.5m domestic cume. Blumhouse now has an enviable problem of carrying a high-profile recover opening subsequent weekend (Jordan Peele’s glorious Get Out) while their prior charity is so shockingly leggy that it’s still kicking butt.

Hidden Figures had another jaw-dropping reason in what is a ninth weekend of release. The Fox dramedy warranted another $1.845 million (-15%) on Friday for a expected $7m (-12%) Fri-Sun/$8.5m Fri-Mon weekend. That will pull a Taraji P. Henson/Octavia Spencer/Janelle Monáe recover to $143.9m. That means it will pass Whoopi Goldberg’s Sister Act ($141m behind in 1992) as a biggest-grossing domestic recover fronted by a black woman. Perhaps some-more importantly, it will presumably shortly pass X-Men: Apocalypse ($155m) to turn Fox’s second-biggest 2016 recover after Deadpool.

Because Universal can never have too many cinema out during a same time, A Dog’s Purpose earned $1.389 million (-20%) on a fourth Friday for a expected $5.75m (-21%) Fri-Sun/$7.43m Fri-Mon weekend. That will give a $22m prolongation a $52.5m domestic total. we don’t know if that debunked “animal abuse” video did any repairs over opening weekend, though a legs indicate that those primarily incited off eventually checked it out once a law came out. Oh, and Illumination’s Sing will make around $972k over a holiday for a new $266m domestic total.

Speaking of musicals, Summit and Lionsgate’s La La Land earned another $1.15 million (-12%) on a 11th Friday for a expected $4.8m (-3%) Fri-Sun/$5.9m Fri-Mon weekend. That will give a Emma Stone/Ryan Gosling low-pitched intrigue a $134.9m domestic cume as it prepares to browbeat a Oscars a week from Sunday. It will also pass Enchanted ($128m behind in 2007) to turn a biggest-grossing strange low-pitched of all time.

If either La La Land or Hidden Figures win Best Picture, once they respectively tip $142 million (which Hidden Figures already has) a particular leader will be a highest-grossing Best Picture leader since The Lord of a Rings: The Return of a King. The other large Oscar leader this season, aside from La La Land and Hidden Figures, is Weinstein Company’s Lion. The Dev Patel/Nicole Kidman play warranted around $1m (-6%) on Friday for a expected $4.1m (+4%) Fri-Sun/$4.9m Fri-Mon weekend for a new $37.1m domestic total.


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