Girl uses Fifty Shades of Grey as basement for fake rape claims opposite her father

August 14, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

In a weeping courtroom confession, a daughter has certified regulating a best-selling  sadomasochistic sex novel Fifty Shades of Grey as a basement for a array of fake rape claims opposite her father.

Defence attorney Cathy McCulloch had, she said, never review a novel until she was called in late to urge a father, who was indicted of 8 incestuous rapes over a six-year period.

In her blog about a case, Ms McCulloch pronounced a prospects for a father primarily looked bleak.

“His daughter had given a constrained talk to a military and my customer had positively no genuine counterclaim other than ‘I did not do it’,” she wrote.

The usually surprising thing about a talk was that in describing what her father had presumably finished and how her physique had allegedly felt, she had used “certain words, phrases and descriptions that seemed over her years.”

Nothing competence have come of this quirk, however, were it not for a fact that during Ms McCulloch’s differently slight initial assembly with a father – on  the day of a hearing – he happened to discuss that his daughter’s favourite book was “about a millionaire who takes a immature lady underneath his wing and ‘teaches her about art’.”

“He had no thought what Fifty Shades of Grey was about,” combined Ms McCulloch.  “Neither we nor my instructing solicitor’s deputy had review a book (honest!).”

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The solicitor’s deputy bought a book, that has sole some-more than 125 million copies worldwide and been turned into a film, and found “too many distinguished similarities between a [daughter’s military interview] and a book to be a coincidence.”

Ms McCulloch, a former military officer who is now a attorney during Church Court Chambers, swayed a decider to adjourn a box so she could spend an afternoon and an dusk reading a novel.

Within 7 mins of her commencement her cross-examination, a daughter detonate into tears in a declare box and certified she had done a whole thing adult to learn her despotic father a lesson.

Describing a interrogate she had approaching to final between dual and 3 hours, Ms McCulloch wrote: “I started kindly to put a complainant during ease. She concluded her father was strict, and that she was unequivocally indignant with him for “ruining her life”.

“I afterwards went true to my final doubt – that she was so indignant with her father that she had done this all up. She wavered. 

“I lifted a distinguished similarities between her talk and a book. She unexpected pennyless and pronounced we was positively right. She had done a whole thing adult since she was indignant with her father and wanted to learn him a lesson. 

“I asked her either she had got all a ideas from Fifty Shades of Grey. She reliable this book, and others – that she named. After 7 mins we were finished.

“The Judge destined a jury to acquit, saying that this box is “unique” in a whole of his career during a Bar and Judiciary.”



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