Henry Cavill Plays Coy About “Fifty Shades of Grey” Rumors

July 23, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

It’s been a few months given a Fifty Shades of Grey hurricane swept by a country, unconditionally unconditional adult all blogs, TV blurb breaks, pop-radio atmosphere space, and brunch conversation. It was unfit to go an hour but saying Dakota Johnson’s and Jamie Dornan’s faces somewhere. (The misfortune was when we non-stop a x-ray one Mar dusk to find Johnson’s smirking, bangs-topped physiognomy staring behind during us where a solidified duck tenders had been usually mins before.)

And soon, friends, a charge will strike again, as we have sequels on their approach (maybe even some-more destiny installments than anticipated, if E.L. James’s Grey gets a film treatment, as well). And it appears there is a probability we might have a new actor in a mix, as Henry Cavill (known to we as Superman, or a former beloved of Kaley Cuoco) has been floated for a purpose of Jack Hyde, a trainer during a edition association where Anastasia Steele (Johnson) works. The impression is described as a “man with erotic blue eyes that can pierce your heart.”

While these sorts of rumors, like B-list celebrities in a Chateau Marmont lobby, come and go, Cavill is, for a impulse during least, vouchsafing this one simmer. During a press-junket interview for Man from U.N.C.L.E. (while sitting alongside co-star Armie Hammer), Cavill was asked directly about a reports. He and Hammer both grinned, bemused, and Cavill remarked, “Basically what we can contend is we can’t contend anything about it right now.” So there we have it: Henry Cavill can’t contend anything about either or not he’s personification a purpose in a film that hasn’t started filming nonetheless and will not be entrance out until 2017. But he is not definitively not personification it yet, and there are during slightest a handful of people out there (probably more) for whom that hope, that spark of possibility, will infer definitely essential.

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